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Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Letters to Members of All Ages

Chapter 2
Letters to Other Members

Chapter 3
Letters to Nonmembers

Chapter 4
Letters to Church Staff

Chapter 5
Letters to the Community

Chapter 6
Letters to the Media

Chapter 7
Letters to Vendors

Chapter 8
Letters for Special Occasions

Chapter 9
Letters of Acceptance, Confirmation, Invitations, & Refusal

Chapter 10
Letters to Raise Funds

Chapter 11
Letters to Colleagues

Chapter 12
Letters of Policy & Doctrine

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Chapter 4 ē Letters to Church Staff

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Whether a small rural church, or a large metropolitan cathedral, the pastor relies on a variety of paid and volunteer staff members. And vital to a pastorís effectiveness is open and on going communication with staff members. Itís important that the pastorís goals and vision for the church be shared with staff members, so that everyoneís efforts will be unified and productive.

Here are letters that express the pastorís regret and thanks to a staff member resigning a position, encouragement to a new staff member, and a letter informing the staff of policies and procedures. Since itís crucial that communication between pastor and staff be clear and concise, also included are model employment contracts and letters of discipline. These letters will help the pastor gain the respect of staff, while at the same time communicating appreciation for their service.

4-1 / To Associate Pastor about Acknowledgments: Acknowledge Resignation

Thank you for your letter of MONTH XX, 200X, informing me of your intention to resign your position as youth pastor, effective MONTH XX, 200X. Although it will be difficult to see you leave, I fully understand your desire to go into full time work with intercity youth. If that is what God is calling you to do, you must obey.

You have done an excellent job here, and I know I speak for the youth and the rest of the congregation when I say how much you and your wife will be missed. Finding a replacement of your caliber will not be easy.

Yet we rejoice to see this new ministry opening up for you. In all you do for Him, we pray that you will be continually blessed in every way. If I can ever be of any help to you in your new position, please feel free to contact me.

4-2 / To Associate Pastor about Benefits: Addition

I am pleased to inform you that the Church Council has voted to add full dental coverage to the health insurance plans for me and you. This will mean an increase of $000 per half year, but the council felt it was a benefit that we should have. I do not yet have a booklet from the insurance company outlining the items covered, but I know it includes an examination and teeth cleaning for each member of the family once every six months at no charge.

Since the church has never before had dental coverage, I am gratified that it is willing to take on this additional expense for our sakes. Hopefully we wonít need to use the coverage for fillings, etc., but itís reassuring to have it just in case.

4-3 / To Associate Pastor about Congratulations: Upcoming Wedding

It was with great delight that I heard the news of your engagement and upcoming wedding. Iím certain that you and NAME will be greatly blessed as you serve God together, and I wish you joy in this time of preparation as well as when youíre married.

Youíve officiated at enough weddings to know the procedure. Youíve also counseled enough couples with troubled marriages to know that the step youíre taking is no insignificant one. It is a lifelong commitment of two people, irregardless of the trials along the way.

Yet, you know too that the union of a husband and wife who are rooted in Jesus Christ can survive those difficult times and go on to accomplish much.

As a pastor, you have an added responsibility, in that your wife will enhance or tear down your professional life more than she would if you were in almost any other occupation. Yet the support NAME can give you will help more than it would in most other fields.

Iím sure that you have considered all the possibilities and prayed until you are confident that this is the direction in which God would have you go. Now, you can step forward with assurance.

May the Lord minister to you both in every way. Again, my warmest congratulations.

4-4 / To Associate Pastor about Contracts & Agreements: When Hired

When there are a number of details which need to be specified, such as in the following contract, an outline is an efficient means of organizing them.

Confirming our conversation of MONTH XX, on behalf of the Official Board and Congregation of Community Church, we wish to extend to you the invitation of joining our staff as associate pastor. As we discussed with you and your wife when you were here, the following statements detail our salary and benefits package for your first twelve months of ministry here.

A. Salary and Benefits

1. The total package offered is $00,000 per year, to be divided as follows:

a. Hospitalization/Dental: If you choose Plan 1 of the district insurance program and the dental program, this will cost $000 per year.

b. Approximately $000 will cover the employerís portion of Social Security taxes. However, once you are credentialed, you may qualify to be exempt from Social Security. The employerís portion will be deducted on a weekly basis.

c. Since you will be living at the church owned property at ADDRESS, $000 per month will be deducted as rent for this property ($000 per year). As you are not eligible, at this time, to receive the IRS living allowance exemption, you will be required to pay federal tax on this allowance. Once you are licensed, a designated living allowance will be tax exempt. Utilities will be your responsibility.

2. The remainder of the package will be salary. We should look at a designated car allowance for tax purposes once you arrive.

3. All federal, state, and local taxes will be processed through payroll deductions.

B. Relocation and Moving Expenses

1. Community Church will pay the cost of the truck rental (U-Haul, Ryder, etc.) and related expenses for moving you and your family to Jacksonville.

2. Utility connection and required deposits will be paid by the church.

C. Professional Expenses

1. All approved ministry related expenses such as seminars, retreats, and so forth, will be paid by the church.

D. Vacations and Time Off

1. Vacation will be whatever you had last year or two weeks Ė whichever is greater.

2. You must take one day off each week, during the week, and you are encouraged to take a second day off each week whenever possible.

E. Working relationships

1. You will be directly responsible to the senior pastor.

2. A private office will be provided with necessary supplies, equipment, and phone.

3. You have received a general portfolio, and from this will be developed a detailed job description upon your arrival.

4. There will be a weekly meeting with the senior pastor, for the purpose of review and evaluation, goal setting, and sharing.

5. An annual written report and evaluation of your ministry, along with your goals and objectives for the next year, must be submitted to the church board each MONTH.

F. Family Responsibility

1. Take time to be with your wife and family.

2. We want your wife to be free to pursue her ministry desires as she labors with you.

We are looking forward to your joining us in MONTH and are excited about the days ahead. Our desire is to assist you in any way we can to allow Godís will to be fulfilled in your lives.

4-5 / To Associate Pastor about Dismissals

The time has now come for immediate action to be taken. By your continued constant devotion to your work for outside groups such as Right to Life, you have shown that you no longer desire to serve as full time staff at Community Church. Therefore, as of MONTH XX, 200X, you are relieved of your position of minister of Christian Education and youth work.

I regret having to take this step, but you have left me little choice. We simply cannot continue to pay you full salary while the responsibilities which go with that are unfulfilled. Perhaps you should consider the possibility of a job outside the ministry, in order to have the time you wish to spend on your volunteer efforts.

If I can help you in any way during this process of moving into a different position, donít hesitate to contact me. I am sorry that our working relationship must end this way, but I have every confidence that you will continue to go on to minister for God in a mighty way. May He bless and guide you.

4-6 / To Associate Pastor about Disciplinary Action: Personal Behavior

Writing this letter is not something I relish doing, but unfortunately it is necessary. As you know, we have discussed in the past the problem you have been having of devoting too much time to causes outside church business, at the expense of your job here. I believed we had agreed that you were going to cut back on some of the outside efforts. However, at this point, I still have not seen any improvement.

I continue to feel that the work you are involved in for Right to Life, Community Food Pantry, and the Suicide Crisis Center are important and valuable. But your first responsibility must be to the ministry you have assumed at the church. You simply cannot handle what is meant to be a full time commitment in Christian Education and youth work when you are here only part time hours. Furthermore, when you overextend yourself, you cannot do your best at anything. We need your best here at Community Church.

The bottom line is that you have two more weeks to prove to me that you wish to continue working in your current position in the church. If by then you have not cut back significantly in the amount of time you are devoting to these outside causes, I will be forced to dismiss you.

Please believe me that it is not my wish to take this step, but in all fairness to the church things cannot continue in their present vein. I very much hope that you will be able to cut back, so that we may keep on ministering together for Christ to the congregation here.

4-7 / To Associate Pastor about Evaluation: Of His or Her Work

You probably realize it is again time to evaluate the progress you have made in the past three months towards your job related goals. Shall we plan on getting together sometime in the next week to discuss them?

As before, we will be going over the list of goals you set for yourself in MONTH and deter mining what worked well and what didnít, as well as why it did or didnít meet our expectations. Then we can proceed to establish new goals for the upcoming quarter.

This system has worked well for me, and Iím hopeful that you agree. However, we can also talk about it if you are not satisfied, and look at other possibilities.

I look forward to spending several hours with you in the near future.

4-8 / To Associate Pastor about Instructions: Upon Unexpected Absence of Senior Pastor

I regret having to leave without advance notice, but the critical illness of my father necessitated it. His condition has stabilized somewhat, yet I have no idea how much longer he will be here. I will call by the end of the week when I know more. In the meantime, the following are items need to be cared for as soon as possible:

1. Visit NAME in the hospital before her surgery on DAY.

2. Counseling session (premarital) for NAME and NAME. Set for DAY; must be done then since wedding date is only two weeks away and they need two more sessions.

3. Stress at Church Council meeting the importance of the Food Pantry for needy families in the area and the small amount of money in the budget allotted for it. I would like to see twice the funds available for this work.

There may be other things I am forgetting; check my calendar in my office. If you have any questions, please call. My parentsí number is 000-0000. I appreciate your help during this difficult time.

4-9 / To Associate Pastor about Job Description

We are pleased to know that you have accepted our offer to serve as associate pastor (Minister of Growth and Mission) at Community Church. You job description is as follows:

1. Serves under the direct supervision of the pastor.

2. Is responsible for the total evangelism program as it functions to invite individuals to learn about and accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, as it invites and prepares individuals to become members of Community Church, as it guides and nurtures new members in their spiritual growth and church involvement, and as it seeks to identify and reactivate those members who have become inactive.

3. Serves as staff resource for the Evangelism Committee.

4. Is responsible for the mission program of the church as it functions both locally as well as on the wider areas of community and world.

5. Participates in the worship services, preaching and teaching as scheduled by the pastor.

6. Assumes leadership role for the yoked ministry with West Second Avenue Community Church.

7. Provides guidance and leadership along with the pastor for Positive Christian Singles, Christian Partners, Womenís Association, Menís Fellowship, and any other organizations which need the support of church staff.

8. Participates in community, district, and conference activities as requested and as will benefit the total Church of Jesus Christ as well as the ministry of Community Church.

9. Fulfills any other responsibilities and duties which will assist the pastor and strengthen the total church program.

I am looking forward to having you as part of the staff. If you have any questions about this or any other matter between now and when your new duties begin on MONTH XX, please donít hesitate to call me.

4-10 / To Associate Pastor about Meetings: Request for Substitute

Due to the support and funding that St. Michaelís has given the Westcott County Shelter for Battered Wives, I have been invited to attend the annual fundraising banquet for the shelter on Thursday, MONTH XX.

However, since accepting the invitation I have found out that I will be out of town that evening on parish business. Would it be possible for you to attend the event in my place? It begins with a ham dinner at 7:00 PM followed by a program on ďDomestic Violence Ė Can the Cycle Be Broken?Ē by NAME, a social worker from CITY, STATE. The evening is scheduled to end by 9:30 PM

Please let me know as soon as possible whether or not you can go. Thank you.

4-11 / To Associate Pastor about Problems: Concerning Associateís Behavior

I regret to inform you that recently I have had several complaints from members of the congregation about your smoking; specifically, you lighting up a cigarette in the church immediately following morning worship.

You already know how I feel about smoking. I find it a disagreeable habit which wastes money as well as risks your health. However, I believe that it is a private matter between your self and God, and I will not order you to stop.

However, I must ask you not to do it at the church on Sundays. As some parents have pointed out, it is a poor example, especially to the youth. As the spiritual leaders of the church, we have a responsibility to point people in the direction of the Savior, often at the expense of our own personal life.

If you feel you would like to break the smoking habit and are unable to do so, I am certain the church would be happy to finance a stop smoking program, such as the one run by the hospital in town. Please let me know if this is your desire.

In the meantime, I appreciate your cooperation in limiting your cigarettes to times when the congregation at large will not see you.

4-12 / To Associate Pastor about Questionnaires: Request to Complete

Enclosed you will find a questionnaire concerning current youth programs taking place within the Community Church, which has been sent to us from denominational headquarters. They are compiling a list of youth resources and would like our help. Please complete the questionnaire and return it as soon as possible. Thank you.

4-13 / To Associate Pastor about Resignation: Of Senior Pastor

I regret to inform you that as of MONTH XX, I will no longer hold the position of senior pastor. For several years, I have felt that it was time for me to move on to another church, but circumstances didnít work out for me to do it. However, now that my youngest son has graduated from high school, I have approached the bishop about this matter. He has agreed, and I have been assigned to NAME OF CHURCH in CITY, STATE. My wife and I will be relocating there.

While I am looking forward to the challenge of the new church, I also find myself reluctant to leave Community Church. The past ten years which I have spent here have been the best years of my ministry, and I will truly miss the people who have been under my leadership.

It is especially hard for me to end the partnership which you and I have shared for the past three years. While we have not always agreed on everything, I have been confident that things would work out. My assurance was because you are a man of God, first seeking Him in every situation. You have challenged my own faith.

I wish you the Lordís best, wherever and whatever He has you doing. Should you remain at Community Church, I know you will work with the new pastor to continue to minister Christís love to the community.

4-14 / To Associate Pastor about Salaries: Increase

Iím delighted to inform you that at the recent Board meeting, a salary increase of $0,000.00 was approved for you. Effective MONTH XX, it will raise your annual earnings to $00,000.00.

Your faithful service to the church over this past year has been a blessing to me personally, and it pleases me to see this action. I am confident that as you continue to minister as associate pastor in the new year, you will be even more valuable to me, as well as to the congregation.

May God shower you with all the best!

4-15 / To Associate Pastor about Schedules

Enclosed you will find a tentative schedule for preaching at morning worship during the summer months. Please check it over and let me know right away if there are any dates I have assigned to you which you are unable to take.

Notice that I have you down for MONTH XX and XX, during which time I will be on vacation.

Also, on MONTH XX, I will be at a conference on time management for pastors. The other Sundays are negotiable.

Thanks for your assistance. Knowing you can take some of the responsibility for preparing a message every week is a great help!

4-16 / To Associate Pastor about Special Events

I recently received the enclosed information about a conference for youth pastors in CITY, STATE. As I read it over, I felt it would be especially helpful for you to attend such a gathering. In the two years that youíve been here, you havenít gone to anything like this, and I think the board would be agreeable to financing the trip.

While it would be difficult to have you gone for a week, I am willing to sacrifice you if you feel the time would be well spent. Look over the brochure, and let me know what you think. Or perhaps you have heard of other similar conferences in which you might be more interested. Either way, I believe it would be a worthy goal for the church to send you to such a conference this year.

When I find out your feelings, I will be more than happy to approach the board on your behalf about this matter.

4-17 / To Board Members about Acknowledgments: Of Request

This is to acknowledge your request to discuss at the next board meeting the possibility of hiring an associate pastor. I believe it would be extremely helpful for me to have someone in charge of the youth and singles programs, which, while strong, could be improved. I will put this issue on the agenda for the MONTH XX meeting, as the first new business with which we will deal.

I will be interested to see how other board members feel about this topic, and I thank you again for bringing the matter to my attention.

4-18 / To Board Members about Agendas: Addition

Take note: to be added to the agenda for the MONTH XX board meeting is the question of whether or not this is the time to consider hiring an associate pastor, to be in charge of the youth and singles ministry.

NAME brought up the idea as one the board should discuss at this point in time. Personally, I believe an associate pastor would be an excellent investment, especially now that we are attempting to build our programs in those two areas.

I would ask that you prayerfully think about the possibility in order that we may talk about it at the meeting. I have listed it first under new business, and I am looking forward to hearing your opinion.

4-19 / To Board Members about Announcements: Of Pastorís Engagement

Because I have worked so closely with you, my brothers and sisters in Christ, I wanted you to be among the first to know that NAME and I have decided to marry. We havenít set an exact date yet, but we are thinking about sometime in the spring. Most of you will probably not be surprised by this news, since we have been dating for a year now.

Marriage is a great challenge, and it will mean adjustments for both of us. Iím so thankful that I can count on your continued support and encouragement both before and after the wed ding. Do keep NAME and I in your prayers. We begin our engagement with a little apprehension, but also with great excitement that God has called us to unite.

4-20 / To Board Members about Appointments: Request for Those Who Could Accompany Pastor

I have just talked to the architect and found out that he will be unable to attend the MONTH XX meeting of the parish council, as he had planned. Therefore, I have set up an appointment with him for 10:00 AM, MONTH XX, to go over the blueprints for the new building. I expect it to take about an hour.

Since design is not my strong point, I would like to have at least one council member, and preferably two, accompany me to the architectís office. If you would be able to take off from work during that time, please contact me at once.

Of course, I would have preferred to have NAME come to our meting, so that the entire council could have seen the latest plans and heard about the problems he is expecting. But since that is not possible, I feel this appointment will at least give us the basic knowledge we need at this time.

4-21 / To Board Members about Benefits: Request for Increase

It has always been a source of pride to me that Community Church takes such good care of its pastors. Especially in the area of benefits, you have been more than generous in providing excellent insurance coverage. This provides important peace of mind for my family and myself.

However, lately it has come to my attention that a number of churches within our denomination are choosing to provide additional insurance to their pastors in the form of full dental coverage. The bishop has sent me a brochure about it, which I will share at the board meeting next week.

As you may know, our family has had significant expense in this area during the past few years. Obviously, then, dental coverage would be a big help to us. In light of this, I would like to discuss the possibility of Community Church taking such a step, which will cost about $0,000 per year.

Naturally, I realize that the church has many expenses now which are much more important than this additional insurance. Perhaps, at this time, the budget cannot be stretched any more. If that is the boardís decision, there is no problem; it can be considered again at a later date. I am confident of your ability to seek Godís wisdom and make the right choice. Thank you.

4-22 / To Board Members about Dismissals: Of Staff Member

As you know, we have been having problems for some time with NAME. Although his work as choir director is outstanding, he has persisted in unacceptable behavior such as smoking in the building; being harsh with choir members he did not want singing, to the point of getting them to quit; and using profane language.

I have discussed these issues with NAME on a number of occasions, and he seemed willing to work to change. Yet I have seen no improvement. In addition, several girls in the youth choir have recently complained that he has made suggestive remarks to them. When I asked him about this, he said he was teasing.

But last week, he pinched one of the girls after practice. Iím sure you feel as I do; such behavior cannot be permitted to continue. I dismissed him, effective immediately. I enclose a copy of the letter I sent him.

According to the church bylaws, the pastor may dismiss any staff member guilty of this type of behavior. However, I would like your support. I will be asking for a vote of board members at the next meeting, and I would ask you to pray about this matter, in order that we might have the wisdom of the Lord. Thank you.

4-23 / To Board Members about Disciplinary Actions: As a Result of Recipientís Behavior

I dislike having to write this letter, but I have no other choice at this point. Effective immediately, you have been relieved of your position on the parish council.

In the past six months, your behavior has become unacceptable for a person carrying out the responsibilities of a council member. I have spoken to you a number of times about living openly with a woman to which you are not married, but you continue to do so. As I told you, this is a poor example to the people in the parish whom you profess to serve. It will not be permitted to go on any longer.

I hope that you know what you are doing is wrong, and that you will desire to change. In hopes of that, no further action will be taken at this time. However, if you remain in this same situation for much longer, I will be forced to take additional steps.

As always, I am willing to talk at anytime, should you feel the need. May God have mercy on you and show you the error of your ways.

4-24 / To Board Members about Encouragement: In Midst of Building Project

A new building (or the remodeling or addition of one) creates a sufficient amount of stress throughout the church or synagogue. Especially prone to stress are board members who are making project decisions which may not find universal acceptance. A letter to reassure such people of your support and appreciation can help.

The process we are undergoing of buying a new building and remodeling it to fit the needs of our congregation must be a heavy burden at times. As the Church Council, you have the ultimate responsibility for many decisions concerning the building. You have to choose the best direction in everything form the amount of fundraising that should be done to the type of pews to purchase. Even though you have the recommendations of the building committee, you still have to decide. I am certain that each one of you have spent many hours in prayer in order to have the Lordís wisdom in these matters.

I would just like to encourage you that even though there may be setbacks and it may seem like weíll never be in the new building, progress is being made. The months will pass, and very soon the time for decisions will be over as we move into our longed-for facility. Then you can sit back and relax, knowing that you have had a big part in the progress to this goal.

So keep on attending those late night meetings, praying for Godís wisdom, and making the decisions that will affect Community Church for many days to come. And know that you have the appreciation of myself and the entire congregation.

May God bless you as you work for Him.

4-25 / To Board Members about Elections: Results

As a result of the elections held on MONTH XX, the following will join the Board, effective MONTH XX: NAME, NAME, NAME, NAME, and NAME.

We appreciate the willingness of these people to serve God and Community Church in this way, and Iím confident that you will do all in your power to welcome them to their new positions. They will need to call on your expertise as they learn their new responsibilities, and I am person ally grateful for your cooperation.

We have a tremendous job in front of us, as we seek to minister in the name of Jesus Christ. But with board members like you who are committed to working together, the task is considerably easier.

4-26 / To Board Members about Evaluation: Results

For your information, I have enclosed a copy of the recent evaluation of the Sunday school department. You will remember that we sent out evaluation sheets to all of the teachers and students involved. Of 172 distributed, 73 percent were returned upon completion. I feel this is an excellent response, even though we did have to beg, threaten, and intimidate some people in order to persuade them to cooperate!

Looking over the forms, I was encouraged to see the overall positive response. The majority of the respondents felt the Sunday school program was one of the strengths of the church. They were pleased with the commitment of the teachers, and with the emphasis on a personal relationship with Christ and on growing in that relationship. Overall, the classes seem to be meeting the needs of our congregation.

Naturally, there are some weaknesses. A number of people would like to see more Scripture memorization. A request from the adult classes was for more discussion time, and some asked for more discipline in childrenís classes which have been disrupted by unruly students. I am meeting with the Sunday school superintendent to discuss these issues, and we will be having a meeting with the teachers in the near future.

If you desire, we can talk about the evaluation at greater length during the next board meeting. Please let me know your feelings on this.

In the meantime, you can take pride in the knowledge that our Sunday school department is progressing. May God continue to bless it.

4-27 / To Board Members about Instructions

As you know, it is again time to begin planning the annual St. Michaelís Festival. At the next meeting of the parish council, I would like to see the following done: a date set for the festival, a chairperson selected, and a budget established.

Please be thinking about who might be willing serve as chairperson, as well as how much we need to increase the budget from last yearsí figure of $0,000. In order for the festival to be off to a good start, we need to start by doing our part now. Thank you.

4-28 / To Board Members about Meetings

The regular meeting of the board will be held on DAY, MONTH XX, at 7:00 PM in the library. Please make every effort to attend. In order to minister in the most effective manner, we need the input of each member; besides, we miss you when you canít make it!

I realize that being a part of the board demands a certain amount of sacrifice, often at the cost of other priorities such as your spouse or children. Thank you for your willingness to serve in this manner. May the Lord bless you abundantly!

4-29 / To Board Members about Purchases: Suggested by Pastor

A request for a major purchase can be met with resistance. Note here how the pastor begins with a lighthearted touch, and goes on to state clearly how the computer could be used and gives details of one available.

What is more powerful than a locomotive? Faster thinking than a speeding bullet? Able to handle a multitude of tasks with the push of a button? You might have guessed Ė a computer.

I have recently been looking at some of these remarkable machines, and I have become convinced that the church would benefit immensely by the purchase of one. Not only would it be a great timesaver for myself and the secretary, but it would simplify many tasks, allowing more opportunities for personal ministry. The mailing list could be put on it, as well as record keeping, correspondence, budgets, and many other things.

While investigating this, I have found out about a used computer which is being sold by Memorial Church in Memphis. They have had it for two years and are now replacing it with a new unit. Although they paid over $0,000 for it (including printer and soft ware), they are willing to sell it to us for $000. I believe this is an excellent deal and I would like the board to seriously consider such a purchase.

I will have more information about this unit at the MONTH meeting. In the meantime, I would like to encourage you to pray about such a decision. At this price, the computer from Memorial will not be available for long. Of course, we should not feel pressured to buy this particular one just because it is reasonably priced. If necessary, we can find another used computer from a different source. But I am convinced that the church needs to take this step at some point.

Thank you for your consideration.

4-30 / To Board Members about Resignation: Of Pastor

At this time, I would like to submit to your my resignation as pastor of Community Church, effective MONTH XX, 200X. I have accepted a position at Memorial Church in Lexington.

It is always difficult to make a decision such as this. In the five years I have served here, I have enjoyed many opportunities for ministry. My family and I have made close friends, and we have seen the church grow in a number of areas. I have come to know the Lord in deeper ways, and I will always treasure the time I spent here.

However, it seems that God is directing us to take on a new situation. As you know, it has been difficult for my wife to adjust to a rural area, and she has been unable to find employment in her field. She has willingly put that aside during the past years, but now she is ready to resume working outside the home. This is a major consideration in our decision.

In addition, a minister can lose his effectiveness after so many years in the same church. I feel this is beginning to happen, and rather than risking problems in the congregation, I would like to step aside to permit a new pastor to come in and continue the momentum.

I am sure that you can understand and accept my feelings. You have always been a sup port to me, and I appreciate the long hours you have spent working with me. I know you will continue to do so with the new pastor.

May God bless each of you.

4-31 / To Board Members about Salaries: Request for Increase of Associateís

Iím sure you would not hesitate to agree with me that hiring NAME as assistant pastor here was an excellent decision. In his two years on staff with me, he has been a great asset to the church. I especially appreciate his cooperativeness and his example of a life in which Jesus Christ is in control. His work with the youth and the singles has been outstanding; as you know, both programs have increased at least 50 percent since he took over.

In light of NAMEís performance, I think it only appropriate to ask you to prayerfully consider a salary raise for him at this time. While he has never approached me concerning his financial needs, I know that it is difficult living on what he makes, particularly now that his first child has arrived. Yet his wife has felt Godís call to stay home to raise their son. Can we do any less than support this young couple as they sacrifice to follow the Lordís leading?

NAME currently makes $00,000 annually, and I would recommend a 00 percent raise, effective immediately. Community Church is known for its generosity, and it is only right that it should begin with the staff.

I realize that this is perhaps not the best time to be making this appeal. We are in the midst of repairing the church roof, and several families are facing unemployment, both of which affect the weekly offering. Yet I believe that there will never be a day when we can honestly say we have excess money; there wilt always be some expense which will stretch church funds.

Over the past years that I have worked with you, you have shown me again and again your faithfulness in seeking God for wisdom in decisions such as this one. I ask you now to seriously go before Him about this matter. As always, I will accept your answer. Thank you.

4-32 / To Board Members about Schedules: Change

I have just found out that there is a meeting of the County Mental Health Board, on which I serve, on DAY, MONTH XX. Although that is the regularly scheduled meeting night for the parish council, I wondered if it might be possible to move the council meeting to another night that week.

I would be available either Monday or Thursday evening. Please let me know within the next few days which you would prefer. If necessary, we could also meet the following Tuesday, MONTH XX, but I would rather meet the usual week if possible.

Thank you for your cooperation.

4-33 / To Christian Education Staff about Agendas

Where are you planning to be on Saturday, MONTH XX? I hope your calendar is already marked on that date to be at Community Church for the Christian Education staff meeting. This will be an important time together, as we will be going over the recent Sunday school evaluation.

Although overall the evaluation was favorable, there are always places which can be improved. We will be brainstorming ideas for improvements in areas which might be weak.

Also on the agenda for the meeting will be some preliminary looks at Vacation Bible School curriculum and also a presentation on in-class discipline by NAME. See you then!

4-34 / To Christian Education Staff about Announcements: Adoption of Child

To all staff members:

I am delighted to inform you that my wife and I will be adopting a child from Korea next week. She is five months old and will be arriving in Detroit on Thursday, MONTH XX. Some of you know that Janice and I have been working on this for several years, and we are both thrilled that our dream is now so close to reality.

Naturally, we have a number of things to do to prepare for the arrival of our new daughter, and I have decided to take off from work next Wednesday through Saturday. Please do not con tact me unless it is an emergency. Most problems or questions that arise can easily be handled by an elder, the lay leader, or the Director of Christian Education.

Thank you so much for your cooperation. Iím looking forward to you meeting the newest member of our family!

4-35 / To Christian Education Staff about Appointments: Which Fill a Position

Itís my privilege to inform you that the appointment of NAME as Director of Christian Education has just been confirmed by the bishop. She will be assuming her new responsibilities as of MONTH XX, and I know I can count on you to help her adjust to them.

We are blessed to have as talented and dedicated a person as NAME coming onto the staff, and she will surely appreciate the cooperative spirit of the teachers as she comes in to help us.

Please make her welcome; I plan on having a small reception for her and the teachers within the month in order for you to get to know her. Iím sure you will find her a warm caring individual who will be an asset to Community Church.

4-36 / To Christian Education Staff about Encouragement: During a Slump in Sunday School Attendance

A drop in attendance can be demoralizing, especially to the teachers who are affected. The letter writer here points out some benefits of the situation and attempts to raise spirits, with a warm tone which offer assurance that things will improve.

I couldnít help but notice some long faces around the Sunday school wing recently. With the low attendance weíve had in the past month or so, thatís understandable. It certainly is demoralizing when youíve spent a good amount of time preparing a lesson, only to have very few students show up.

However, remember that even if just one boy or girl hears your lesson, it is worthwhile. What you taught that week could be exactly what he or she needed to hear. It might be the words that stick with that child for the rest of his or her life. You can never underestimate how much influence you could unknowingly have.

So I would encourage you to keep on preparing those lessons. Continue to pray for your class, that you would be sensitive to the needs of the children who do come. With smaller classes, you will have more opportunities for one on one ministry. And donít stop believing that God can send more students your way.

With this goal in mind, I am going to be meeting with the Christian Education staff on a regular basis. As we work together, I am confident we will again see larger numbers of children in our classes.

In the meantime, may God bless you in a special way as you devote time each week to teach. May His joy fill you to overflowing, even the midst of some bleak circumstances.

4-37 / To Christian Education Staff about Information

On Sunday evening, MONTH XX, the children of the congregation will be presenting their annual Christmas program. Therefore, on that morning, regular Sunday school classes for grades six and lower will not be held, in order that the children may practice their presentation.

Thank you for your cooperation with this matter. As always, the entire church is looking forward to seeing the youngsters; it is always a blessing to all of us.

4-38 / To Christian Education Staff about Instructions

As your know, the twentieth anniversary of NAMEís teaching Sunday school at First is only a few weeks away. We have planned a surprise reception for her to be held at that time, and one of the things we would like to do at it is to read comments by some of her former students. Would you please take a few minutes during your class this Sunday to find out who her students were? Then ask them to write just a brief statement or two in her tribute. It can be something lasting that she taught them, how she helped in a specific situation, the effect she had on a life, etc. We are looking for responses from former students of all ages. In addition, if you have found that your life has been touched by her, write that down too. Perhaps she was able at some point to share a helpful teaching hint or an encouraging word when you needed it. Let us in on it!

Papers should be turned in to me by MONTH XX. Remember NAME is not to know anything about this. Thank you for your help. Iím sure it will mean a great deal to her.

4-39 / To Christian Education Staff about Job Description

Here is the job description you requested:

1. To be responsible, under the direct supervision of the pastor and in consultation with the Christian Education Committee, for the total Christian Education program and youth ministry.

2. To be responsible for the Sunday school program:

a. Recommend curriculum to the Church Council through the Christian Education committee.

b. Recruit and provide for the training of teachers.

c. Supervise equipment and room use.

d. Work with Administrative Assistant in ordering material and keeping records.

3. To be responsible for all adult Christian Education:

a. Coordinate Bethel Bible study program.

b. Develop educational and study opportunities using the ministers and lay people as teachers for classes at the church as well as for working within the framework of the Parish Program for in-home, short-term study, or growth groups.

c. Plan and coordinate adult retreats

4. To be responsible for all youth involvement, especially junior and senior high age groups:

a. Develop program, recruit and train leadership, and be fully involved in youth fellowship activities.

b. Plan and provide leadership for youth retreats, work camps, and special projects or events.

c. Share with the Director of Music in providing leadership and direction for any youth shows or special ministries.

d. Develop an evangelism program for the youth.

e. Call on the youth who have been sick or inactive.

5. To be responsible for the cooperation and coordination with other groups such as Boy Scouts, Young Life, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, etc.

6. To be responsible for youth confirmation class.

7. To be responsible for the planning and operation of Vacation Bible School.

8. To participate in judicatory and youth related community activities as appropriate to the church position and as time permits.

Thank you for your interest. We hope to receive your application soon or the position of Director of Christian Education at Community Church.

4-40 / To Christian Education Staff about Meetings

On DAY, MONTH XX, I will be meeting with the Christian Education staff at 10:00 AM in the senior high classroom. Please make every effort to be there. We will be discussing several important matters, including making a decision about what curriculum to use in this yearís Vacation Bible School.

Iím sure that you share my burden for the children and youth of the church; youíve indicated that by your faithful service in your position. I greatly appreciate all youíve done. Together, we must continue to do what we can to guide the young people in making a firm commitment to Christ and then helping them grow in that relationship.

4-41 / To Christian Education Staff about Policies: Concerning Sunday School Teachersí Time Off

While welcomed by many, some people would not like being asked to step down from a teaching position, even only temporarily. This letter restates the policy and cites when the teacher took on her responsibilities, and then expresses appreciation for a job well done. It also leaves the door open to resume teaching after the required time off.

As you know, it is the policy of the Sunday school Department here to have nine months on/three months off for teachers. According to our records, you have been teaching the third and fourth grades since MONTH of last year. Therefore, itís time for you to have a well deserved break of three months.

If you have someone in mind who might be willing to take over your class as of MONTH XX, please let me know. Otherwise, I will be glad to call on one of the people on the substitute list.

When MONTH XX comes, you are welcome to resume teaching the same class, or you may choose to take on a different age level. Of course, if you prefer, you neednít teach at all.

Whatever you decide at that time, we want you to know how much we appreciate your dedicated service to the children in your class. I trust that these months off will be a period of spiritual refreshment for you.

May God bless you richly.

4-42 / To Christian Education Staff about Purchases: Request for Help in Justifying

Recently I have been investigating the possibility of using a computer here at the church, and I have become convinced that it would be extremely helpful in my work. I plan to present my views on this subject to the board at its MONTH meeting.

It has occurred to me that perhaps such a unit would also prove helpful to you in some way. If you know anything about computers and feel they would prove to be an asset in the Sunday school department, please inform me in writing as soon as possible. I would especially appreciate any specifics on how a computer would assist you. If possible, it would also help for you to come to the board meeting to share your feelings.

Thank you for any assistance you can give me. Iím not certain that the church has funds at this point to pursue such an option, but I want to at least present it to the board.

4-43 / To Christian Education Staff ABOUT Questionnaires: Request for Input in Assembling

I am in the process of putting together a questionnaire to be filled out by those participating in our Sunday school program. The purpose is to determine the likes and dislikes of both the students and the teachers regarding a time of opening and/or closing for the entire department. As Director of Christian Education, you may be able to assist me.

In the past, we have all met together in Fellowship Hall for ten minutes of singing, readings, etc. before going to individual classes. This was discontinued several years ago. Recently, however, I have had a number of requests to begin such a time again, either at the start of the class or at the end.

In order to see how widespread this feeling is, I plan to distribute a questionnaire about it in several weeks. I enclose a copy of what have been working on. Do you have any suggestions of other questions I could ask? Are there any other areas about which you would like to get opinions? I look forward to your response.

4-44 / To Christian Education Staff about Recognition

It is a great joy for me to recognize NAMEís outstanding contribution to our Sunday school. On MONTH XX, she will have taught twenty years, primarily in grades one and two.

As you can imagine, it takes a tremendous commitment to children and to Christ Himself to be willing to take a Sunday school week after week, year after year. I personally appreciate her sacrifices made on behalf of her students, and I encourage you to take her example to heart. Her faithfulness is an inspiration to us all, but especially to those of us who also teach Sunday school.

As the anniversary of her 20 years here draws nearer, we will make some special plans to honor NAME. In the meantime, I am happy to recognize her as a part of our program of Christian Education.

4-45 / To Christian Education Staff about Special Events

Most teachers agree that discipline in Sunday school creates more problems than anything else. How do you control behavior problems while continuing to communicate Godís unconditional love? Is it possible to deal with the class troublemaker in such a way that he/she is not disruptive but still feels like he/she is wanted?

For the answer to this and other questions, plan on attending the teacher training work shop on DAY, MONTH XX, from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM Meeting in Fellowship Hall where the opening session will be held.

The leader of the workshop will be NAME, who has been in the field of Christian education for fifteen years. A professor at SCHOOL NAME, he has written two books and numerous magazine articles. His practical approach to his subject will inform as well as entertain you.

Because of the great importance Community Church places on the religious education of our children, youth, and adults, the board has decided to absorb the cost for the day. All you are asked to contribute is your presence at the workshop. An effective teacher is a trained one, and we know you wonít want to miss this special opportunity to improve your teaching skills.

As a part of our Christian Education staff, you have a big responsibility, and we are grateful for your willingness to fulfill it. Our prayer is that the workshop will help you to carry out your job in the best possible way.

4-46 / To Music Staff about Agendas

As you may remember, an update of one of the various ministries or programs of the church is on the agenda of each board meeting. For the upcoming MONTH meeting, it is again time to present the latest update about the music ministry.

Therefore, I would like to ask you to plan to attend. You will have approximately 15 minutes to share how you feel that things are progressing for the music, including organ, choirs, bell choirs, cantatas, etc. This is also an excellent time to bring up your goals for the next year, as well as perhaps mentioning a future dream or two. Board members will be free to ask questions, so be prepared.

Music is a vital part of Community Church, and I look forward to hearing your presentation.

4-47 / To Music Staff about Announcements

As the youth have gone about planning the worship service for MONTH XX, they have decided to try several different things. One of them is that they would like to have the entire service without organ music. Instead, they will be calling on members of the youth group to provide accompaniment through piano, guitar, and other instruments.

So it looks as if you wonít need to sit at the organ at all that day; they even want to have just piano for the prelude and postlude. Consider it a day off for you. But remember, weíll be looking forward to having you back at the organ the following Sunday!

4-48 / To Music Staff about Appointments: Setting Up a Time

Though it still looks very much like winter outside, spring is not very far away, and itís time for us to get together to discuss plans for the upcoming months. Could we meet in my office on DAY morning at 9:00 AM?

I assume that you want to put on another Easter cantata this year, and we need to talk about that. Also, did you want to have charge of an evening service devoted to music by groups and individuals within the church? If so, a date needs to be selected for it.

I look forward to hearing your ideas about these things as well as anything else on your mind. If the scheduled time is inconvenient, let me know and we can work something else out.

4-49 / To Music Staff about Congratulations: On Receiving Award

What an honor it is to have our senior high bell choir recognized as outstanding ringers of the day at the recent bell choir festival! As director of the group, you must be elated, and for good reason. Now itís public knowledge what we at Community Church were already aware of: the youth bell choir is one talented, dedicated group.

Congratulations to you and to each member of the choir. We are proud of all of you and we ask Godís richest blessings for the group as well as for each individual involved. May you continue to serve Him Who has given you the musical talents recognized at the festival.

4-50 / To Music Staff about Contracts & Agreements

Please sign and return the enclosed contract within the week. Thank you.

This agreement made this day of _______ 20 , between Community Church, first party, and , (position), second party, witnesseth:

First Party hereby employs second party for the calendar year of 20 , at a salary of

$ payable in weekly installments of _______

In consideration therefore, second party accepts said employment and salary and agrees to faithfully fulfill his/her duties, with the following terms:

Salary is subject to government withholding provisions, city and state tax.

Employee subscribes to and is in full agreement with ďI believe the Bible to be the Word of God, the only infallible rule of faith and practice, and that it has been clearly and consistently interpreted in the Church ĎStatement of Faith.í

Employeeís inability to provide adequate service because of inefficiency, physical disability, or conduct detrimental to the school shall result in termination of this contract.

If either party shall default in any of the provisions of this contract as set forth, said contract shall be deemed terminated.

In witness whereof the parties hereto have set their signatures,

Date _______ Pastor _______ Employee _______

4-51 / To Music Staff about Encouragement: After Poor Showing in Contest

On the way home from the recent choir festival, the mood on the bus must have been subdued. After all, you had worked hard to prepare for the festival, and you were confident that you would do well. Not receiving an award for your efforts must have been a shock as well as a disappointment.

Of course, you know that every participant cannot win, that what counts is that you tried, and that we at Community Church still love you all and feel that youíre the best, regardless of what anyone else says. All that is true, but it doesnít help take away the sting of knowing that your talents and hard work werenít acknowledged in public.

All I can tell you is to hang in there. Thereís another festival to go to next time, and you will be ready then to try again. May God reassure you today and every day of your value in His sight.

4-52 / To Music Staff about Evaluation: Request for Help to Complete

From time to time, I feel it is wise to evaluate the various ministries and outreaches of the church. In doing so, we can become aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the programs, which in turn helps us seek solutions for the problems and continue to strive for even more strength in the areas in which we excel.

Therefore, I would like you to begin thinking about how you can be a part of this process in the music ministry. Perhaps an evaluation form can be made up and distributed to choir members, etc., or maybe even the entire congregation. It might allow us to determine how effective the program is, as well as find out worshippersí preferences as far as type of music, amount per service, and so on.

See what you can come up with, and plan on sharing it with me within the next two weeks.

4-53 / To Music Staff about Information

I am delighted to inform you that the board has approved your request to begin a childrenís choir for grades one through four. The group, to be called the Cherub Choir, will sing during morning worship four to five times per year, and they will practice on DAYs from 4 -4:30 PM, from MONTH until MONTH.

We pray that you will have wisdom and guidance as you begin this new ministry, and it is with great anticipation that we await the first appearance of the Cherub Choir in the sanctuary.

If I may be of any help to you as you set things up, donít hesitate to let me know.

4-54 / To Music Staff about Job Description

As you requested, here is a copy of your updated job description as Director of Music:

1. Be responsible for the development, nurture, scheduling, and direction of all choirs, vocal and hand bell, utilizing volunteer leadership whenever possible and/or necessary.

2. Share with other staff members and volunteer advisors in the Youth Fellowship activities.

3. Work with the teachers to provide music Ė vocal and instrumental Ė in the Sunday school program.

4. Select appropriate music for all the choirs, share with the pastor in the scheduling of choirs and selection of hymns, and be responsible for any special musical services or choral vespers.

5. Be responsible for the maintenance of organ, piano, choir robes, and any other musical instruments or equipment, making recommendations to the church council when re placements are needed.

6. Give general supervision to the organist.

7. Be responsible for the accompanist at all services, including weddings and funerals, making arrangements for a substitute organist if the church organist is not available.

8. Develop and provide soloists for regular services as well as for special occasions. Also serve as contact person and coordinator for visiting musicians or musical groups.

9. Work with choir members on an individual basis, making calls when there have been problems, sicknesses, or absences.

10. Be responsible to and supportive of the pastor in all phases of the church program.

11. Make initial calling on prospective choir members Contact me if you have any questions.

4-55 / To Music Staff about Policies: Concerning use of Organ

Recently, some questions have arisen about church policy for use of the organ during weddings. For your information, the policy is that no one is permitted to play it except our own church organists. However, should a bride or groom have a family member who is qualified, they may ask the board to make an exception. It will usually be granted, providing that the person who will be playing is willing to meet with one of the church organists first to practice and to find out the instrumentís unique characteristics.

If such a person is not available, the bride or groom must make their own arrangements with one of the church organists; the pastor does not handle this himself.

We have a beautiful and expensive organ which is an important part of worship at Community Church. This policy is not meant to inconvenience anyone, but to uphold our responsibility in caring for the organ. Thank you for your cooperation.

4-56 / To Music Staff about Problems: Concerning Choir Members Leaving Children Unsupervised

It has come to my attention that recently, during adult choir practice, problems have been occurring with unsupervised children in the church. As I understand it, several of the choir members are bringing their preschoolers to the church and leaving them on their own while the rehearsal takes place. On at least two occasions of which I am aware, these youngsters have been found in rooms they should not be in, such as the library and the kitchen.

Iím certain that you share my concern for the childrenís welfare and safety. Naturally, we would be horrified if anything happened to harm them, and it would surely be a source of embarrassment to their parents if the children unintentionally caused damage to any church property.

Because of this, Iím asking that you instruct your choir members to leave the young ones at home or obtain a babysitter to take care of them in the church nursery. I am aware that some times circumstances arise which cannot be controlled, perhaps resulting in parents being forced to bring their children to choir practice. But these situations should occur rarely, and even then someone must stay with the children.

I am confident that I can count on your cooperation in dealing with this problem.

4-57 / To Music Staff about Purchases: Suggested by Staff

Situations arise in which someone besides the pastor requests a major purchase, one that the clergy may not entirely approve of. In the following letter, the pastor agrees to present the matter to the board instead of coming out against it. Nevertheless, he points out reasons why it may be turned down and even goes a step further in suggesting possibilities which may help.

Thank you for your recent letter expressing the need for new robes for the youth choir. I certainly agree with your reasoning about why they are necessary now.

As you requested, I will bring the matter up at the next board meeting. However, with the new building program, it is very possible that the board will not be able to designate much if any funds at this time.

Nevertheless, you are welcome to attend the meeting if you choose. It will be at 7:00 PM on DAY, MONTH XX. If you could bring samples or pictures of the robes, that would be helpful. In addition, the board might be more open to the subject if you have some sort of plan to have the choir itself raise a percentage of the cash needed. Perhaps if you can show exactly how much money is required and offer to do car washes, dinners, etc. for the purpose of earning part of it, the board would reciprocate by offering you a portion of the funding. Naturally, I cannot guarantee this, but I think it is a possibility.

As I mentioned, I am behind you in this and I will do anything I can to help.

4-58 / To Music Staff about Recognition

ďWell done, thou good and faithful servant.Ē

After the Easter cantata last Sunday, God will certainly be saying such praise to you. The message was convicting; the presentation professional in every aspect. I can only say thank you for all the hard work put in by you and by the choir. It was well worth your time and effort. My sentiments have been echoed by a number of others in the congregation.

In short, I am very proud to have you as music minister at Community Church. Your talent, your servantís heart, and your dedication to the church are obvious, and I believe they should not go unrecognized.

May God bless you richly!

4-59 / To Music Staff about Salaries: Denial of Increases

As you know, the subject of your salary was discussed at the board meeting last night. I regret to inform you that at this time, Community Church is unable to offer you any increase from the $00.00 you are currently receiving per Sunday for serving as organist.

Please understand that this in no way reflects how the board views your job performance. We are all grateful for the hard work you do and the dedication you have shown to Christ, both personally and professionally. We cannot even offer any suggestions for improvement.

But the finances on the church are not in the place where we would want them. Offerings have been down, and with the recent roof repair, the funds are limited. Unfortunately, it appears that this is not a short term problem. Strictly on this basis, the church cannot afford to increase any staff salary this year.

Believe me, none of us like this decision. It doesnít seem fair to you; you deserve more. Yet there is really nothing else we can do. However, I can promise you that I will bring up the matter again, should the finances improve significantly.

Under the circumstances, you are certainly free to look into other organist jobs which might be able to pay you more. We would understand if you chose to take one, but I know I speak for the board and the congregation in saying I hope you will decide to remain at Community Church. You are an important part of things here, and we would hate to lose you.

May God bless you richly!

4-60 / To Other Employees about Acknowledgments: Of Request for Vacation Time

This is to acknowledge your request for the week of MONTH XX-XX off for vacation. I will present it to the board at the next meeting for its decision, but I foresee no problem with you being on vacation that week.

As you know, now that you have been employed here for a year you are entitled to two weeks of paid vacation per twelve month period. I prefer at least a monthís notice before a vacation, as I have to enlist someone else (usually my wife!) to serve as secretary while you are out of the office. Thanks for your cooperation in this matter.

I will inform you of the boardís decision as soon as possible, yet Iím sure youíre safe to go ahead and make plans for your trip. While youíre gone, I will miss your efficiency, but it helps knowing youíll be back to help me in a week!

4-61 / To Other Employees about Agendas

On the agenda for the MONTH meeting of the Church Council is a discussion about the possibility of hiring another secretary. Therefore, I would like you to plan on being present. By sharing information about how heavy your work load is and explaining exactly the tasks for which you are responsible, you will be much more convincing than I could be about the necessity of employing more secretarial help.

If there is any reason why you cannot attend the 8:00 PM meeting on MONTH XX please contact me at once. Otherwise, I will look forward to seeing you there. The discussion will be the first thing on the agenda, so you can be prepared to speak to the council for maybe five or ten minutes, answer any questions, and be able to leave by around 8:30 PM

Thank you for your cooperation. I know you join me in hoping that the council will see how urgent it is that we have another secretary and appropriate the funding as soon as possible.

4-62 / To Other Employees about Appointments: Cancellation

I have an appointment with NAME for 10:00 AM next DAY to interview him for a janitor position. Would you please contact him and cancel the meeting? Inform him that the current janitor has changed his mind and decided to stay, so we are no longer in need of new applicants. However, we will keep his name on file, and when another opening does occur, he will be notified. We appreciate his interest.

Thanks for taking care of this for me!

4-63 / To Other Employees about Dismissal: Of Secretary

In the serious case of a dismissal, the tone of the letter is rather formal. But the clergy here lessens the blow with a personal note of concern for the employee, while making it clear that the decision to terminate will not be reconsidered.

We regret to inform you that your employment as a secretary for Community Church will be terminated at the end of the working day on DAY, MONTH XX, 200X.

During your six months of employment, we have found it necessary to reprimand you on nine separate occasions. You have been notified about your frequent lateness, and the general poor quality of your work. More serious, you have carried confidential information learned on the job outside the church on at least two occasions.

Last month, you were informed that continued problems in these areas would result in reappraisal of your employment. To date, no improvement has manifested itself, and recently your attitude has been extremely hostile toward the people in which you have come in contact. When I have repeatedly asked if a personal matter (or a matter concerning the church) was interfering with your job performance, you have refused to discuss it or seek help.

Therefore, your dismissal seems more than warranted. You will receive your final pay check in the mail on DAY, MONTH XX, 200X.

It grieves me to reach this point, and I want you to know that even though our professional relationship must end, I am always available to assist you in any way possible. God loves you, and whatever may be causing you to act in this way, He wants to help. Please let Him do it. My prayer is for your happiness and health.

4-64 / To Other Employees about Disciplinary Action

Iím sure you are aware that yesterday you were again late coming to work. Unfortunately, the talk which we had last week about the importance of arriving at your desk on time seems to have had little effect. As I told you then, you have an important responsibility as my secretary to be in the office in order to answer the telephone for me, as well as to complete the duties of correspondence, filing, etc. I have tried to be reasonable about this; I realize that with families, things do occasionally come up at the last moment which can make one late. But in your case, you have been arriving from a half hour to an hour and a half late approximately three days a week.

Itís my unfortunate duty to inform you that this must not continue. Effectively immediately, your pay will be docked $00.00 each time you are more than fifteen minutes late, unless you have proof of an emergency.

I regret very much having to take this step, and I hope that it will prove unnecessary. But I simply cannot and will not tolerate any more of what has turned into a very bad habit.

In almost every other area, you are a highly efficient worker and an asset to the church. I appreciate the many things you do to help me; if you can just stop this tardiness, you will find you have virtually no problems.

I look forward to working out this situation favorably for both of us.

4-65 / To Other Employees about Encouragement: Of New Secretary

How often do you find yourself quick to criticize but slow to offer praise? Itís a frequent problem. The recipient of this letter is sure to glow for a week after getting such a warm (and probably most unexpected!) note.

Now that you have been employed by Community Church for a month, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you that Iím pleased with your work. Adjusting to a new job is never easy, and in addition to learning the way we do things here, you have had to deal with some people who are not as pleasant as they could be. Yet you have consistently handled your responsibilities well while maintaining a positive and uplifting attitude. Since you represent both Community Church and the Lord Jesus Christ, this is vitally important.

When you have completed three months employment, your job performance will be officially reviewed. But in the meantime, be assured that youíre doing great! If your have any questions or concerns, donít hesitate to ask me about them.

4-66 / To Other Employees about Information: Request for Help in Assembling

In honor of the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Community Church, we have planned to put together a booklet covering the past and present ministry. A committee of NAME, NAME, and NAME will be in charge of assembling the booklet, which will be distributed to the congregation as well as to any past members who are interested.

In light of this, the committee will need information about the pastors who have served here. Would you please look through the church records to find anything which might help them in writing a brief summary of each pastor? They will be responsible for organizing the material, but if you could gather it together for them, it would be a great help.

Someone from the committee will be talking to you soon about this project and when the information is needed. In the meantime, you might want to begin looking around for it. Thereís no telling how good (or bad!) the records were from years ago; it might be an easy task for you or it might require an extensive amount of time. But as efficient a secretary as you are, Iím confident you can handle it. Thanks!

4-67 / To Other Employees about Instructions

The company who will be repaving the parking lot has finally set DAY, MONTH XX, as the date for the work to begin, if the weather cooperates. Therefore, plan on parking on the street that day. And be careful to avoid the blacktop until it has fully dried, which should take several days.

In addition, if you talk on the phone or see others who plan to come to church that day, warn them to park elsewhere. Thanks for your cooperation in this matter. Iím anxious to once again have a beautiful, rut free parking lot!

4-68 / To Other Employees about Meeting

We have just arranged that a newly formed Weight Watchers group will meet in the church on DAY evenings from 7:00 to 9:00 PM They will be using the cafeteria. Therefore, you will be needed to clean that room following the meeting and lock up the building in the evening. The group is to notify the church if it wonít be getting together, such as for holidays, bad weather, etc., and we will contact you if this happens.

Thanks for your extra help.

4-69 / To Other Employees about Policies: Concerning Janitorís Supplies

In the past, it has been the policy of the church to order cleaning supplies for the janitorís use on an as needed basis. However, in recent weeks, I have noticed that the supplies in the cleaning closets are not being used up. Since I know you are doing the work, I can only assume that you are bringing supplies from home.

This is not necessary. If you prefer to use other supplies than the ones available, please inform me and we will order the ones you want. Or, if you wish, buy what you will use and submit the bills to me for reimbursement. In this matter, it is no problem at all to change the church policy to suit you.

Please let me know your preference in this. No one expects you to pay for the supplies you use at the church, and I would like to get this matter resolved as soon as possible.

May God bless you for your hard work on our behalf.

4-70 / To Other Employees about Problems: Janitorís Neglect of Duty

For the past few weeks, I have noticed that the interior of the church has not been cleaned to the extent to which it is supposed to be. The floor in the back foyer was obviously not mopped, the kitchen was not cleaned, and at least several Sunday school classrooms were left in a state of disarray.

I believe the weekly responsibilities of the janitor are spelled out clearly in your job description. Therefore, you must know that you are currently not doing all that you have been hired to do.

The question which remains is, why isnít the work getting done? If there is some sort of problem which is affecting your work, I would like to know about it. Perhaps something can be worked out. Should you want to talk about anything, please contact me at once.

If I donít hear from you, I will assume that whatever has been causing the poor job performance lately has been resolved, and that our church will again be cleaned as specified in the janitorís job description. The condition of the building reflects what the congregation thinks of God as well as of His house, and we simply cannot have anything less than an efficient job. Therefore, I am confident that this problem will not continue.

Thank you.

4-71 / To Other Employees about Purchases: Acknowledgment of Request

Thank you for the list of cleaning supplies you need. I will order them this week, and they should be in by the end of the month.

As I told you before, you are welcome to request anything that you need to keep the church clean. Donít hesitate to let me know if there is anything else you want.

I appreciate the fine job you are doing; may God bless you for your hard work.

4-72 / To Other Employees about Recognition

It gives me great pleasure to recognize the fifteenth anniversary of the day you began here as my secretary. In all those years, I have come to depend on you in many ways. Your cheerful smile has lifted my spirits on a number of occasions, and your dependability, attention to de tails, and organization skills have made my job easier. In addition, you are an asset to the church staff in the easy, warm manner in which you relate to other staff, church members, and visitors.

I hope that you have been equally satisfied with your employment at Community Church and that you will continue with us for another 15 (or more!) years. You are appreciated more than you know.

4-73 / To Other Employees about Resignation: Of Pastor

As of MONTH XX, 200X, I will no longer be senior pastor at Community Church. My family and I will be moving to (name of town), where I have accepted a position as professor of New Testament at Trinity Bible College.

While I am greatly looking forward to the new challenges that await me as I return to full time teaching, I regret leaving many good friends and colleagues. You are among them. During the five years which you have served as my secretary, you have done an outstanding job. Your office duties have been handled correctly and on time, and your smile and pleasant personality have brightened my day many times. I only hope that my secretary at Bible school will be half the help you have been.

As the new pastor adjusts to Community Church, I am confident that you will do everything in your power to assist him. My prayer for you is that God will continue to bless you abundantly in every area of your life.

4-74 / To Other Employees about Salaries: Acknowledgment of Request for Increase

Thank you for your recent request asking about the possibility of a salary increase. I certainly agree with you that it is time to look into the matter, and I will present your proposal to the board at the MONTH meeting next week.

In the two years in which youíve been my secretary, I have been more than pleased with your performance, and I have every reason to expect the board to accept my recommendation of a raise for you. Iím just sorry that I didnít think of asking for it before your letter!

I will let you know what happens as soon as I can. In the meantime, keep up the good work.

4-75 / To Private School Staff about Acknowledgments: Of Change in Conference Dates

Thank you for your letter of MONTH XX, 200X informing me that parent/teacher conferences have been moved from DAY, MONTH XX, as was planned, to DAY, MONTH XX. I certainly understand that parents, students, and staff will want to attend the tournament basketball game in which our own team is playing. (I plan on being there too!) Having regular classes in the morning and then dismissing school at 1:00 PM in order for everyone to have time to drive to the game sounds fine. Then on Thursday, weíll expect to have the conferences. Since nothing special is scheduled at the church on that day, I see no problem with the change in dates.

I appreciate you keeping me posted on what is happening at the school, and Iím looking forward to seeing some outstanding basketball!

4-76 / To Private School Staff about Announcements: Of Church Anniversary

Perhaps you are aware that 200X is the 40th anniversary of the establishment of St. Michaelís Church. Therefore, we are already in the process of planning special events in honor of the occasion. Possibilities include a commemorative booklet, a new car raffle, inviting priests who formerly served the parish to return for a visit, etc.

I am certain that you will also want the school to take part in the anniversary celebration. I had thought that the children might complete in a contest to design a poster for it, or maybe they could write brief essays on what attending a parochial school means to them. No doubt you have other ideas and can generate even more suggestions from your teachers.

I look forward to hearing what you would like to do, and I am confident that together, we will have an unforgettable anniversary.

4-77 / To Private School Staff about Congratulations: On Completion of Successful Fundraising Drive

It gave me great pleasure to hear about the schoolís recent completion of the campaign to raise money for new audiovisual equipment. As you know, raising over $00,000 is no small feat. I am very impressed by your dedication and hard work students in pursuing this worthy goal. Congratulations to all of you!

I am confident that the new equipment will be put to good use within our classrooms, and I again congratulate each person who contributed time, effort, or money to the project.

4-78 / To Private School Staff about Contracts & Agreements

To: (Name) Position: Teacher

Standard Work Schedule: Daily_____ Weekly_____

Reports to: Principal

We are confirming your salary for the 200X Ė XX school year. Please immediately advise if these figures are incorrect. Otherwise, simply initial and return to the office by (date).

Salary Index____________________ Salary____________________

Supplemental Assignment__________ Salary____________________

Total Salary____________________

Thank you.

4-79 / To Private School Staff about Encouragement: As New School Year Begins

As another school year begins, I sense excitement in the air. And why not? Enrollment is significantly up, we have several new faculty members who upgrade our already outstanding staff, and we are expecting to become accredited this fall. Overall, we are in store for a wonderful year.

I hope that you share my feelings and are prepared to resume your teaching duties. As a staff member of Southwest Christian Academy, you have a great privilege as well as a big responsibility. Parents from our church and community are entrusting their children to your care, not only in order for them to learn the academics in which you can instruct them, but also for the caring personal touch you add and the witness of your own commitment to Christ.

I am confident that you are able to meet this challenge, and I thank you in advance for the hard work and dedication which you will give this year. Perhaps the rewards will not be obvious at first, but remember, you are directly affecting the lives of the future leaders of our churches and communities.

So as you begin teaching this fall, go often to the Lord for His strength and wisdom. Give all you can to your students. Donít always settle for the same way of doing things. Then you can be assured that your reward Ė in Heaven, if not on earth Ė will come. May God bless you with a productive year.

4-80 / To Private School Staff about Evaluation: Upon Receiving a Favorable One

Thank you for the recently submitted results of student achievement tests. I was pleased to see how high a number of our students scored, particularly in reading and writing, both of which are important skills to master. The slightly lower scores in math indicate to me that per haps the subject should be stressed a little more than it has been, but obviously, since the scores were far above the state or national average, it is not a matter of great concern.

Excellent results in uniform testing such as what the students have taken not only shows what they have accomplished; it also reveals a good bit about how the faculty is doing its job. Most students donít learn unless they have a teacher who is communicating the information to them in a way in which they can understand. Scores such as what I have before me say that our teachers are doing their jobs well.

Overall, I am greatly encouraged by the scores. I will be presenting them to the Church Council at the next meeting.

Keep up the good work!

4-81 / To Private School Staff about Instructions

As you know, throughout the winter we have had ongoing problems with the furnace. Therefore, we have arranged for a repairman to come on DAY, MONTH XX, to check over the entire system and recommend a course of action (a new system needed or repairs made.)

In order for this to take place, the heat will need to be off during the time the repairman is here. Please inform your staff that school will not be in session that day, and have them send a note home with the students to their parents. Since we donít know exactly what time the repair man will arrive or how long it will take for him to complete his work, it has been decided that classes should not be held all day.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. I sincerely hope that this will clear up the problem with the heat, so that your staff and students will not have to put up with the extremes of temperature that have occurred in the classrooms lately.

4-82 / To Private School Staff about Job Description

Enclosed you will find the updated job description for teachers at Lakeland Christian Academy:

1. Duties (Direct)

a. Planning

Recognize need to plan with specific objectives in mind. Provide detailed plans for substitutes. Be flexible enough to change plans if necessary.

b. Understand Students

Accept each one for who he/she is and offer assistance in reaching highest potential. Show respect for student, but be impartial. Recognize individual differences between students and make called for adjustments. Provide extra help when needed.

c. Classroom Control

Maintain atmosphere conducive to learning. Develop self-discipline in students. Establish teacher as authority figure.

d. Teaching Method

Instruction methods to be compatible with school objectives. Use educational aids, such as tapes and radio, when possible. Encourage students participation. Prompt evaluation of pupils.

2. Duties (Indirect)

a. In Service Education

Find opportunities to increase knowledge and qualifications as teacher, such as graduate studies, workshops, research, etc.

b. Relationships with Other Staff Members

Openness in exchanging information with others. Demonstrate respect for other teachers and work with them as part of the team.

c. Dealing with Administration

Cooperate with policies and procedures; respect the authority. If a problem arises, seek Godís direction, then see principal, then see superintendent. If still not satisfied, may bring it before school board.

d. Parent Relationships

Become a part of Parent-Teacher Fellowship. Hold parent conferences and look for opportunities in community to discuss school. Encourage visitation.

e. Personal Qualities

Dress tastefully; speak as an educated person should. Behavior inside and outside of school to be dignified. Make every effort to maintain good health.

I appreciate your cooperation.

4-83 / To Private School Staff about Meetings

You are cordially invited to attend Community Churchís annual meeting, to be held on Sunday, MONTH XX, in Fellowship Hall. Following a potluck dinner at 5:30 PM we will move to the sanctuary, where progress reports about each of the various ministries in the church will be presented. The principal will be sharing about the school, but after her remarks there will be an opportunity to recognize new teachers.

Because you became a part of the school staff this year, at that point we would like to introduce you to those of the congregation who have not yet made your acquaintance. We consider the schoolís faculty a part of our church family, even if faculty members choose not to worship with our fellowship on Sundays.

I hope you will be able to join us on MONTH XX. May God bless you in your teaching endeavors.

4-84 / To Private School Staff about Policies: Concerning Field Trips

In the past, the policy of the Christian Academy concerning school-sponsored trips has been to have each studentís parents fill out a new permission slip every time such an outing is planned. The slip was to include the destination of the trip, the approximate times of leaving and returning to the school, the cost per child (if any), and the statement ďI hereby relieve the Christian Academy of all responsibility beyond that of normal supervision.Ē

However, at the last meetings of the parent/teacher organization, it was decided to have one blanket permission slip sent out to parents in the beginning of fall. It would cover responsibility for any field trips taken during that school year.

To keep parents informed, teachers would still be responsible for sending out information sheets with the details of each individual trip a minimum of two days before the trip is taken. These would not need to be signed and returned.

In planning your field trips of the upcoming year, please keep in mind the new policy. A copy of it will be sent to the parents, along with the blanket permission slip during the first week of classes.

4-85 / To Private School Staff about Problems: Acknowledgment of & Assurance of Coming Improvement

Thank you for the recent concerns which have been voiced over the use of school learning aids by children attending Sunday school classes. I certainly understand the frustration you would feel upon coming into your classroom on Monday morning, only to find your supplies used, your materials out of place, etc.

Unfortunately, this is one of the problems which occurs when a private school holds classes in a church. Because you do have to use the same rooms in which Sunday school takes place, you do run the risk of this happening, even though the Sunday school teachers are urged to keep their students away from your things.

However, because of the high number of complaints I have received, I am recommending that the church purchase locked cabinets in which you can store your supplies, with confidence that they will not be disturbed. I hope to have these installed within a month.

In the meantime, please bear with me. The situation will improve!

4-86 / To Private School Staff about Questionnaires

As you may know, the Church Council has begun talking about beginning the next phase of the building program, possibly in the spring. A large part of it involves expanding the present school facilities by about one third. While we do have blueprints for the project which were made at the time of constructing the first phase of the church, we value the opinions of our staff. Therefore, I would like to ask each staff member to complete and return the enclosed questionnaire concerning preferences for the new part of the school.

Naturally, we will not be able to act upon everyoneís suggestions, but I know it will prove helpful for the council to find out what the teachers would like, if there are options available.

Please make sure your questionnaire is retuned to me by MONTH XX. I will keep you informed about the progress being made. Your help is appreciated!

4-87 / To Private School Staff about Schedules

Thank you for the proposed schedule for the upcoming year of school. In looking it over and comparing it with events the church will be holding, I see no reason why the schedule cannot be approved as it stands.

As always, when it is officially adopted, please make sure my secretary has a copy, so that significant dates may be listed on the church calendar section of the monthly newsletter.

Iím looking forward to another good year for Christian Academy, as you continue to excel in your position of principal.

4-88 / To Private School Staff about Special Events

This is to inform you that on DAY, MONTH XX, St. Michaelís Church will be holding a one-day seminar for senior citizens in the parish. It will take place from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM in the auditorium. I have already asked the principal to move any regularly scheduled events to another location, but I want to be sure that you know not to plan to use it for any other purpose on that day. Thank you for your cooperation.

4-89 / To Special Group Leaders about Appointments: Reminder to Attend

This is to remind you of our appointment for DAY, MONTH XX, to discuss the possibility of a Weight Watchers group being held in the church this fall. God expects us to care for our bodies, as well as our souls and spirits, and I am very interested in hearing about your program. I feel it could give a great deal of help to those within our church and community who are struggling with a weight problem.

I look forward to seeing you in my office at 10:00 AM on the XX. I am certain we will be able to work something out to the advantage of both the church and your group.

4-90 / To Special Group Leaders about Congratulations: Upon Studentsí Completion of Course

Congratulations! All fourteen of the Stephen Ministry trainees whom you have been supervising have completed phase one of the program. After interviewing each one individually, I am convinced that he/she is capable of ministering in crisis situations involving church or community members. I was impressed with the insight and compassion shown by each, and I feel it is time for the next phase Ė actually beginning counseling those in need, under your super vision or mine.

You can take pride in knowing that your many hours of teaching the trainees about crisis theory and intervention, as well as specifics in the areas of depression, grief, etc., have paid off. Your efforts will benefit many people in the years to come as the Stephen Ministry begins to reach out to hurting individuals in all walks of life.

Again, congratulations for a job well done. I look forward to the next phase of the pro gram!

4-91 / To Special Group Leaders about Dismissals: Follow-up

In this situation, a former head usher made his discontent obvious after he received a note of dismissal. Notice how the letter writer, in this second letter, at tempts to smooth over hurt feelings by expressing concern for the individual in stead of anger at his reaction. Nevertheless, he stands by the initial decision.

I was sorry to hear that you were upset by the recent letter I sent you concerning your dismissal as head usher. Your feelings are certainly understandable, but I must again ask you to consider my viewpoint.

As I stated before, I do not think it is fair for you to continue in your position, given the number of times you have shown up late or not at all for services. I have brought this to your attention more than a few times, and while you have indicated you will change, I have seen little if any improvement.

I have discussed this situation with the Church Board, and they are in agreement with me; therefore, the decision to relieve you of your duties stands.

As before, there is always the possibility that you may return to your position, if there is significant reason to believe that things have changed for the better.

Keep in mind that this is in no way a rejection of you as an individual; you are loved as you have always been here. But it is the opinion of the council as well as myself that your irresponsibility in your service may mean a deeper problem in your life which needs to be dealt with. Should you wish to talk, I am available.

4-92 / To Special Group Leaders about Disciplinary Action

It is with regret that I must inform you that GROUP NAME may no longer meet at Community Church. Over the past several months, you have been warned a number of times about the GROUPís behavior before and after meetings. Yet church property continues to be broken or missing, outside doors are left open, and the rooms in which you meet are found in disorder. Last week it was discovered that someone had written on the menís room walls during the time your group was at the church.

As this has been an ongoing problem with no improvement, I find myself in the difficult position of having to do something to stop what has been happening. Believe me, I do not like having to take this step, but at this point I can see no other options. If, after a period of three months from now, you feel you have adequate control of the GROUP to prevent the problems from recurring, I will consider again letting you meet in our facilities. But until that time, you will have to find some other place in which to hold your meetings. Thank you.

4-93 / To Special Group Leaders about Encouragement: Upon Declining Attendance

I understand that recently the attendance at the ďFit for the KingĒ programs has dropped off significantly. While this may seem quite discouraging, I would like to urge you to keep your spirits up. What you are doing is important work, and even if only a small group of women is now taking advantage of your programs, it is worth doing. We have a responsibility to the Lord to keep our bodies in good physical health, and an exercise program such as yours is an excellent way to help do that.

Perhaps many of the women who used to come are involved with preparations for the upcoming holidays. In MONTH, they may be anxious to return to the sessions. But if not, you still have a valuable outreach, even if not many choose to utilize it.

Again, remember that you are doing a good work for God, and He would encourage you to continue in it faithfully, no matter what happens. May He bless you in every way!

4-94 / To Special Group Leaders about Information

Prepare for a full church Sunday! In addition to receiving the youth confirmation class, we will be partaking in the sacrament of Infant Baptism.

You might want to ask your ushers to be at the church extra early, and it might also be appropriate to find some of our teenage boys to serve as parking attendants. I have already instructed the secretary to run off extra bulletins, and the janitor will be bringing folding chairs to the back foyer, in case they are needed.

Of course, the congregation may number about what it usually does, but with both extra events taking place in the same service, I anticipate more. And I wanted you, as head usher, to know, in order that any additional preparations may be made.

Thanks for all your help. You are appreciated!

4-95 / To Special Group Leaders about Meetings: Denial of Request for use of Building

Thank you for your recent request to use the church on DAY, MONTH XX, for an all day district Boy Scout rally, in place of your regular meeting on DAY evening of that week. While we would like to accommodate you, it is not possible. Two weddings have already been scheduled for that date.

However, the Saturday before, MONTH XX, the church would be available for your use. If you could change your date and would like the facilities then, please contact us. We will be happy to oblige you.

4-96 / To Special Group Leaders about Questionnaires: Upon Receiving Results

Thank you for sharing with me the results of the questionnaires recently completed by the Stephen Ministry trainees for which you are responsible. I was pleased to see that they approve of the training they are undergoing to prepare them to minister to those in the congregation experiencing trauma. Some of the suggestions made concerning future topics to cover were excellent, and Iím sure you will be utilizing them.

I also agreed with the comment made that this specialized training should be undertaken only by those who have their own lives in order. From the first, we attempted to do that, but it is valuable to continue to make sure that those in the program are not in the midst of personal crisis.

Again, I appreciate all the efforts you have made in helping develop this new program in the church, I am certain there is a great need for this type of ministry, far more than what I can handle myself in counseling situations. I look forward to the day when the trainees have completed their preparations and are ready to help in this important ministry.

4-97 / To Special Group Leaders about Resignations: Of Other Staff

I was sorry to hear that NAME will no longer be able to serve as cameraman for the TV Ministry. We will certainly miss his expertise as well as his obvious dedication to the ministry, but his decision to resign so as to devote more time to his duties as home Bible Study leader is understandable. I also appreciate his willingness to help in training someone to fill his spot.

Have you someone in mind to take NAMEís place? If not, I may know of several who may want to check it out. Or, if you wish, I can have something put in the bulletin, asking those who might be interested to contact you. Let me know your preference.

While NAMEís leaving will leave a hole in the TV crew, I am confident that God will soon raise up the person He has in mind for this.

4-98 / To Special Group Leaders about Schedules

I have just talked with NAME, and I mentioned to him the possibility of our interviewing him on the TV program while he is in CITY, STATE on MONTH XX. He was quite receptive to the idea, but he is on an extremely tight schedule. The only hours he has free are between 8:00 and 9:00 AM on the XX, or between 4:30 and 5:30 PM that evening. Would it be possible for you to get together a TV crew for either of those times?

I feel that an interview with an outstanding speaker like NAME would be a big addition to the program, and well worth the inconvenience of shooting the film at a different time and location. If at all possible, I would like to work this out in order to take advantage of his willing ness to fit us into his schedule.

Therefore, please let me know as soon as you can whether or not you can work out the schedule to have a TV crew available at one of the aforementioned times. I am anxious to have NAME share his experiences with our TV audience. Thanks!

4-99 / To Special Group Leaders about Special Events

I was pleased to hear that you and the entire TV Ministry crew were able to attend the recent seminar in CITY, STATE. The in depth workshops on everything from camera techniques to conducting an interview will certainly prove helpful as you apply what you have learned to our television outreach program. We have before us a constant challenge to improve the quality of it, both in the type of program we put together and n the technical method in which it is done.

Naturally, the goal we strive for is not just in the production of a ďgreatĒ program, but it is that what we do put out would be a tool used by God to minister. This is what must always be before our eyes: how can we reach out most effectively to those who need a personal relation ship with Him and to those who desire to grow in Him?

By making attending the seminar a priority, you have shown that you share this commitment to making Community Churchís TV ministry one that makes a difference for Him. May God bless you as you continue to lead the TV ministry team

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