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Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Letters to Members of All Ages

Chapter 2
Letters to Other Members

Chapter 3
Letters to Nonmembers

Chapter 4
Letters to Church Staff

Chapter 5
Letters to the Community

Chapter 6
Letters to the Media

Chapter 7
Letters to Vendors

Chapter 8
Letters for Special Occasions

Chapter 9
Letters of Acceptance, Confirmation, Invitations, & Refusal

Chapter 10
Letters to Raise Funds

Chapter 11
Letters to Colleagues

Chapter 12
Letters of Policy & Doctrine

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Chapter 2 ē Letters to Other Members

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While the letters in Chapter 1 were aimed more at the general membership, the letters in this chapter are directed more toward specific individuals and groups, and specific situations.

Here are letters of encouragement to the woman who has suffered a miscarriage, and words of congratulations to a member who has just received a job promotion. They express the pastorís wish to minister to the whole person.

These letters help the minister relate to members where they live, touching their hurts and their joys, and expressing the ministerís true, human, yet godly, genuine concern for church members. Itís in letters such as these where spiritual principles are brought down to earth and made real and practical.

2-1 / To Counselees about Agendas: For Meeting of about to be Married Couples

To all couples planning to be married at Community Church this summer:

You are invited to a special meeting to be held on DAY, MONTH XX for the purpose of discussing wedding procedure. The church wedding coordinator, NAME, and I will be on hand. Come to the church lounge at 3:00 PM to find out all about the following:

  • Options for the ceremony, including a sample ceremony and ideas of how to make it uniquely yours;
  • Suggested wedding music and when it can be used during the service;
  • Various decorations for the church you may want to consider, such as aisle runners, candles, pew bows, and flowers;
  • Preserving your wedding day through tape and video recordings;
  • Holding your rehearsal dinner and reception in the church Fellowship Hall, with or without catering by members of the church.

There will also be time for questions, and the meeting will be over in about two hours. I hope that you will be able to attend; it should prove to be very helpful in planning your special day.

2-2 / To Counselees about Appointments: To Cancel Session

As you know, we were scheduled to meet together for premarital counseling on DAY, MONTH XX. However, due to the serious illness of my mother, I must fly to CITY, STATE today and will be unable to keep our appointment. Please inform NAME about this for me.

Since I do not know what will happen with my motherís condition, I cannot reschedule you and NAME at this time. But as soon as I am back in town, I will contact you and we can set up something agreeable to all of us. I expect that to be some time within the week.

I apologize for any inconvenience to you, but I trust you will understand.

2-3 / To Counselees about Condolences: On a Miscarriage

A pregnancy loss is usually traumatic, and a letter like this acknowledges that along with the other problems of the individual who has been undergoing therapy, it may well be overwhelming. The letter assures the counselee of both the pastorís compassion and availability.

I was so sorry to hear of your recent miscarriage. Losing a baby is never easy, but with the other problems you have been dealing with, it is even worse to have something else with which to cope. Though I realize that nothing I can say will bring back your child, I want you to know that you are in my prayers. God alone has to be your strength as you walk this difficult path before you; He will not fail you.

In addition, I am available to resume our sessions together at any time you are ready. If you wish to wait a week or so, that is fine; however, I would encourage you to come talk about your feelings as soon as you can.

May the Lord grant you His peace and His comfort during these days. He alone can heal the pain you feel.

2-4 / To Counselees about Congratulations: On Job Promotion

Congratulations on your recent job promotion! Iím confident that you will do excellent work in your new responsibilities, and that your superiors were showing good judgment in offering you the new position in CITY, STATE.

Since you will be relocating out of state, itís obvious that we will no longer be able to continue our counseling sessions. While I can refer you to several qualified counselors in your new city, I personally feel that you have made sufficient progress in dealing with your divorce. Naturally, the wounds of a broken marriage may take years to heal, but you seem to have reached the point where you can make the rest of the journey to wholeness on your own. There fore, I am recommending that you discontinue counseling at this time.

Of course, if you think you do need more professional help, I will stand by your decision; you yourself know what is best for you. Let me know what you want to do.

Again, let me say how pleased I am to hear about the promotion. I am certain that God has given you a new start. May God bless you richly!

2-5 / To Counselees about Disciplinary Action: Concerning Behavior of Counselee

It has come to my attention that you have again ignored my requests for confidentiality regarding your counseling sessions with me and the other two women.

When I arranged for the three of you to be in a group session, I felt it would prove helpful to all of you, since you are all in the same circumstances. But the value of the time together has been greatly decreased, if not totally eliminated, by your insistence on revealing details of the things discussed to others outside the group.

As you know, I have asked you previously not to do this. I have explained to you the unfairness of such behavior to the other members of the sessions. Yet you have persisted in this behavior. Therefore, I have no option but to inform you that you will not be permitted to attend any further group sessions.

Believe me, I regret having to take this step, but I believe that you leave me no choice. However, if after a month you feel you could keep the private details shared inside the group, I will reconsider letting you participate. In the meantime, I hope that you will seek God to deter mine why you are doing this, and that He will help you change.

As always, I am available to discuss this or other matters at any time.

2-6 / To Counselees about Encouragement: When Down

After our appointment today, you seemed discouraged. I can understand how it may seem like your problems are overwhelming and that nothing is changing. Perhaps you are feeling like it isnít even worth trying to fight anymore.

But let me assure you that progress is being made. Though the circumstances still look bad, God is in control, and He will continue to help you survive even this distressing situation in which you find yourself. I know it doesnít seem possible to you, but as time passes you will begin to feel better.

So please donít give up! Together, you and the Lord will make it. And I will continue to be here if you need my help too. You are in my prayers.

2-7 / To Counselees about Evaluations: Of Counseling Sessions

Itís risky to invite criticism, even in the name of evaluation, but itís also valuable in a counseling situation. Here the pastor asks that specific aspects of their sessions be examined. In this letter, the pastor is honest enough to admit that things may not be perfect, and that if they are bad enough to warrant it, there are alternatives.

Now that we have been meeting with each other for four months, I feel it would be good to step back and look at what has been happening in our sessions. Before our next appointment, I would like you to evaluate what you think are the strengths and weaknesses of our time together.

Are you satisfied with the progress you are making in dealing with your problem? Do you feel you have developed a sense of trust in your relationship with me? Are you coming away from our appointments thinking clearly about what steps you should take during the week?

Please think about these questions in order that we may discuss them at your next session. At that time, we should be able to determine if we ought to continue. If not, I can recommend several other good counselors whom you may wish to try.

I look forward to hearing your opinions about these matters.

2-8 / To Counselees about Information: Change of Location of Sessions

I wish to inform you that from now on, counseling sessions with me will take place in the church library instead of in my office. With the noise and confusion of the telephone, people coming and going, and other distractions, it has proved to be impossible to have the quiet and confidence needed in a counseling session. Therefore, until the remodeling is completed and I am again in a private office, I will meet with you in the library. While this may be somewhat inconvenient, I am certain it will be better than where we have been.

Thank you. See you at your next appointment in the library.

2-9 / To Counselees about Instructions: What to Bring to Sessions

Let me take this opportunity to remind you that for this weekís counseling session, you will need to bring your Bible and your list of communication goals for the month. As usual, I have you scheduled for Thursday at 10:00 AM

I am looking forward to seeing you at that time. If you have any questions before then, feel free to call me.

2-10 / To Counselees about Problems: Lack of Contact

At this point, it has been over a month since I have heard from you. Therefore, I am assuming that you no longer wish to receive counseling from me.

If you feel that your problem is solved, then I rejoice with you in the great work that God has accomplished in your life. In that case, further counseling may not be necessary.

However, if the problems you had been experiencing are still causing a significant amount of stress in your life, it does not seem like an appropriate time to stop seeking professional help.

Of course, it is completely up to you to choose what course of action you want to pursue. But I need to know what you decide. Is there some other problem of which I am unaware? Could another counselor do more at this point to minister to your needs? Please contact me and help me understand what is going on. I deeply care about what happens to you and I am praying that God will aid you in determining exactly what you should do now.

I hope to hear from you very soon.

2-11 / To Counselees about Procedures: To be Married in the Church

I am delighted to hear that you and NAME have decided to marry in Community Church. The following is the standard procedure here:

Select a wedding date and time and clear it with the church wedding coordinator. Also, determine if you want to use Fellowship Hall for the rehearsal dinner and/or reception and if you want the womenís group to cater either affair for you.

Contact me to set up appointments for premarital counseling. I prefer to spend three one-hour sessions with the couple as well as one with each spouse-to-be alone. Sessions should begin about two months before the ceremony and be completed several weeks in advance of the wedding.

The sessions concern these topics:

  • First week: General plans for the wedding, both the bride and groom to be.
  • Second week: The financial end of marriage, both the bride and groom to be.
  • Third week: The sexual side of marriage and the Biblical responsibilities of the wife, the bride only.
  • Fourth week: The sexual side of marriage and the Biblical responsibilities of the husband, groom only.
  • Fifth week: Communication, both bride and groom to be.
  • Sixth week (if needed): Problems and/or questions, both or either.

Assignments for each week will be made, such as reading or working out a tentative bud get.

In setting up this schedule, I am attempting to do all within my power to aid you in starting off your marriage in the best possible way. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I look forward to meeting together with you and NAME.

2-12 / To Counselees about Resignations: Relocation of Counselor

It is with great regret that I must inform you that I will no longer be able to continue our counseling sessions. As of MONTH XX, I have resigned as pastor at Community Church to assume a new position in Indianapolis. Because of the distance involved, I believe it would be in your best interests to find a counselor in this area.

I realize that it is difficult to begin opening yourself up to someone, and that doing so again with a new counselor is equally difficult. I am sorry to put you in this position, but I feel that God would have me take this job. Just as He has blessed our time together, I have confidence that the Lord will aid you in finding another counselor who will be able to minister to you.

I do think it is important for you to continue seeking help. You have been making great progress, and you will keep on improving if you persist in treatment. I can suggest NAME at Faith Memorial Church or NAME, a psychologist, both of whom I highly recommended. I will be glad to contact either one for you.

Let me know what you want to do. It has been good working with you, and I continue to pray that God will minister to every area of your life.

2-13 / To Counselees about Thanks: For Gift

Thank you so much the fruit basket you left at the rectory for me last night. It will be greatly enjoyed and you can be certain that it wonít last long!

In your note, you indicated that you felt I have helped you. I am glad you feel that way, but the progress you have made is really a result of God and you working together. I have played only a small part. Nevertheless, your gratitude is appreciated. I look forward to seeing you continue to move toward complete wholeness.

Again, thank you for your thoughtful gift.

2-14 / To Couples about Agendas: For Next Meeting of Group

Where will you be at 7:00 PM on DAY, MONTH XX? I hope youíre already planning to be at the Couples Club meeting at the church that night.

As you may recall, this is an important meeting. Plans need to be made for the Lenten service the Club will be leading; we should set a date for the spaghetti dinner fundraiser; and ideas are still needed for the retreat. In addition, some new business has arisen which must be taken care of at once. I wonít tell you what it is, but I will guarantee that it is exciting and it affects you personally. Youíll have to come on the 1st to find out what I mean.

So mark your calendar now and plan on being a part of the MONTH agenda. You wonít regret it!

2-15 / To Couples about Announcements: Concerning Sweetheart Dinner

Instead of just telling about the upcoming dinner, the following letter piques the couplesí interest by an appeal to leaving their usual lifestyle for something special. Then it gives enough details to intrigue even more without spelling out the entire evening.

Calling all sweethearts!

Have you been longing for a special night out with your best girl or guy? A time away from the kids and the ordinary cares of day to day living?

Then we have just the thing for you! The Couples Club is planning a Sweetheart Dinner for all the married couples in the church. To be held on DAY, MONTH XX at 7:00 PM It will include romantic music, candlelight, and a gourmet menu selected just for you. After the dinner, a surprise program will be presented which will top off the evening. The cost for all this? A mere $00.00 per person.

However, limited seating is available, so you must call in your reservation to the church office as soon as possible.

Donít miss this unique opportunity. Plan on joining us for the Sweetheart Dinner on Valentineís Day.

2-16 / To Couples about Condolences: On Loss of Business

Most people think of sending condolences only on a death. But there are many other times of stress when such a note would be appreciated. Doing so shows concern for all aspects of a memberís life.

I was saddened to hear the news yesterday that you will definitely have to shut down and sell your business. After all the time, effort, and money which you put into it, you must feel a great sense of loss. Perhaps you are also uncertain as to what direction you should go in order to support your family.

I wish I could somehow turn your financial situation around so that none of this would be happening. Of course you know that I canít. I can only say that if you are experiencing these feelings, you are reacting in the way that anyone else would, and that even in this God is with you. Though He may seem very far away, He can provide the comfort and strength that you need during this stressful time. You will be constantly in my prayers, and if I can do anything to help you, either in the way of a new job or just in listening, donít hesitate to contact me.

2-17 / To Couples about Congratulations: On Opening of New Business

Congratulations on the grand opening of your new business! Iím sure that during the long months of preparation, it seemed as if this day would never come. But your hard work has paid off, and now you really are standing in your store, ready to meet the public. Surely God will bless you both and your business as you dedicate it to Him and use it for His glory. Again, my very best wishes for success. Iíll be in soon to check out The Coffee Corner for myself!

2-18 / To Couples about Elections: Mistake in Results

My face is red! I canít explain how it happened, but somehow, during the elections last week at Couples Club, the ballots were miscounted. We announced that NAME and NAME Jones were elected president, when actually NAME and NAME had the highest number of votes. Apparently, some of the ballots were put aside by mistake and this caused the problem.

Believe me, I feel terrible about the mix up, and I apologize to NAME and NAME, as well as to NAME and NAME. (No other officers were affected by the added votes found). It wonít happen again!

2-19 / To Couples about Encouragement: Upon Agreeing to Lead Seminar

I was delighted to hear that you have decided to help lead a seminar for Catholic engaged couples. As I told you before, you two have many qualities which could assist young couples planning for marriage, and I am confident that you will find the experience to be beneficial. Not only will you have the opportunity of aiding others, but you will probably find that being a part of the seminar will be enriching for you too.

At first, it may seem to be frightening to stand up before a group and lead discussions about something so personal as your marriage. But I believe that you will find it becomes easier the more you do it.

Maybe you feel unqualified. You shouldnít. No one is expecting that your own relation ship be perfect; there is no such marriage. Your willingness to take part in the seminar, and your basically well adjusted union are all the qualifications you need.

Again, I want to thank you for stepping out in this new direction for you. God will bless you for it. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

2-20 / To Couples about Information: New Address of Officers

As of MONTH XX, the address of NAME and NAME will be ADDRESS. Their telephone number will remain the same as it has been, 000-0000. If you need to contact them about any aspect of Couples Club, they are available at their new home. Serving as president of the group means they are eager and willing to hear from you. Why not stop over to see their house? At the same time, you can share your feelings about the group. Need directions? Call them or call the church office.

2-21 / To Couples about Instructions: About What to Bring to Potluck Dinner

The Couples Club Potluck supper has been scheduled for DAY, MONTH XX, at 6:30 PM It will be held in Fellowship Hall, and beverages, rolls, and ham and chicken will be pro vided. Please bring your own table service and $0.00 per person toward the meat.

In addition, each couple should bring the following: If your last name starts with A-J, bring a salad, K-0, bring a vegetable, and P-Z, bring a dessert.

We are looking forward to a great time together as we begin a new year of Couples Club activities. Even if you havenít been an active part of the group in the past, why not start coming now? Youíll be glad you did!

2-22 / To Couples about Meetings: Meeting Time Moved

This is your official notice that because of Lent, the MONTH meeting of the Couples Club will be moved from its regularly scheduled night. Instead of gathering the second Wednesday of the month, we will be meeting the second DAY, MONTH XX, so as not to interfere with the Lenten service at the church on the XX.

As originally planned, the meeting will begin at 7:00 PM at the home of NAME and NAME, ADDRESS. The program will remain unchanged. See you there!

2-23 / To Couples about Newsletter: Asking for Contributions

Perhaps youíve noticed that the church newsletter has recently assumed a new look. In an effort to make it more readable, we have added some artwork, more information about groups within the church, and some short devotional pieces. All this is possible because of the extra pages that have been added.

As a result of this, we are now able to offer to you, the members of the Couples Club, the opportunity to use the space of one-half page every month. How you use that space is up to you. You may choose to include more detailed write ups about your meetings. Or maybe youíll want to use original pieces, such as poetry or short articles by members of your group. You may have other ideas of how best to use the space. Or you could decide you would prefer not to have the extra space. Itís up to you. Please think about this, and be prepared to discuss it at the next Couples Club meeting.

2-24 / To Couples about Questionnaires: On Completion

After members have been urged to fill out and return an opinion questionnaire, a follow-up letter such as the following should be sent. In addition to sharing the totaled results of the questionnaire, it thanks members who participated and promises that changes will be made, based on what has been expressed.

Thank you for completing and returning to the church the questionnaire about future plans for the Couples Club. Here are the compiled results:

1. The purpose of the group:

00% of respondents felt it is mainly for learning.
00% said itís for service to others.
00% thought itís for fellowship.
00% wrote that all three purposes are equal.

2. Activities that should be done more:

00% said social things like the summer picnic, bowling party.
00% wanted more guest speakers.
00% wanted more personal sharing and prayer time.
00% wanted an ongoing service project such as sponsoring an overseas orphan.

3. Activities that should be done less:

00% wrote less business meetings.
00% said fewer fundraisers.
00% wanted less Bible study.

4. Meetings last:

00% said too long.
00% said too short.
00% said just right.

As you can see, no one will be able to be completely happy all the time, but we are going to do all we can to satisfy as many members as possible. Again, we appreciate your help with the questionnaire. Plan on being an active part of Couples Club this year and see how great it can be!

2-25 / To Couples about Resignations: Request to Fill in After Resignation of Officers

As you probably know, NAME and NAME will be moving to CITY, STATE at the end of this month. While we are pleased at NAMEís job promotion, it will certainly be a big loss for Community Church to see the NAMEs go.

The NAMEsí relocation will also mean that the Couples Club is without a president. NAME and NAME have told me that they donít feel they can assume the office at this point, al though they are willing to continue in the position of vice president.

I was wondering if you two might consider accepting the appointment of president. You have been an active part of the group for some time, and you have a good rapport with the other members. I feel you would make excellent leaders. Would you prayerfully think about it?

Because the NAME s are leaving so soon, I do need to have an answer from you within a week. Please contact me when you decide. If you have any questions about the responsibilities of the president, call NAME, NAME, or myself.

2-26 / To Couples about Schedules

Thank you for signing up for bearing the offertory gifts. As you know, bringing up to the altar our Lordís Blood and Body as well as the financial gifts to Him is a solemn responsibility and a privilege in which everyone in the parish should be encouraged to share.

The schedule for the next three months is as follows:








Please mark your calendar; you are responsible for being there the week you are scheduled. If you cannot serve for any reason, switch with someone else on the list.

We genuinely appreciate your willingness to help!

2-27 / To Couples about Special Events: Marriage Seminar

Marriage is the most challenging and yet also the most rewarding relationship in your life. Isnít it worth doing all in your power to help yours grow?

You need to plan to attend the NAME seminar coming to CITY, STATE. To be held Saturday, MONTH XX, in the Stadium, it will feature the renowned marriage and family expert NAME in one of his rare personal appearances. You may never again have the chance of hearing him live; I heartily encourage you to do all you can in order to attend.

Because of this rare opportunity, I have arranged to charter a bus to CITY, STATE for the day. Tickets for the seminar are $00.00 for the day, and the charge for the bus will be only $00.00 per person, with the church picking up the remaining cost for the bus.

If you are interested in going, please contact the church office as soon as possible, as we have only a limited number of tickets to sell. Additional details of the seminar will also be avail able there.

Again, let me urge you to prayerfully consider going. It will be well worth your time and money.

2-28 / To Couples about Thanks: For Helping Others

On behalf of the congregation, I would like to thank you for opening your home to the refugee family from Thailand which the church is sponsoring. During their first weeks here, it is crucial that they be in a warm caring environment which will aid them in their adjustment to their new lives. You are providing that kind of help.

I realize that it isnít easy to have people you donít know move in. You too will have to get used to different ways of doing things, different words, and an entire different lifestyle. But it will be well worth all you have to give, as the family sees the love you share in Christís name. It may be the very thing that brings them to a saving knowledge of Him.

Soon, the month or so that you have them in your home will be over and they will be in their own home. But the family will never forget all you did for them. Neither will God; you will have your reward from Him.

May the Lord strengthen you and give you both wisdom and patience in abundance during this time. Again, my thanks for your sacrificial giving.

2-29 / To Parents about Advancements: Child Moving into Next Age Level Sunday School Class

Next Sunday, MONTH XX, is Promotion Sunday and your child will be moving to a different Sunday school room. His/her new class meets in room NUMBER and the teacher is NAME. If you are not sure where this class is, check the church map in the lobby or ask in the church office.

If your child has been an active part of Sunday school, I hope that he/she will continue to do so in the new class. His/her teacher is anxious to have him/her join the fun and the learning this fall.

Perhaps your child has not attended Sunday school regularly. If so, I would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to begin coming each week. Every child needs a spiritual education in addition to the one he/she receives at school.

I hope to see your child in his/her new classroom this Sunday.

2-30 / To Parents about Agendas: Of Informative Meeting

As the time of First Communion approaches, you may have questions about how it is done at St. Michaelís, especially if this is your oldest child. Therefore, a meeting for parents of the children taking their First Communion next month is being planned for DAY, MONTH XX. It will be held at 7:00 PM in St. Michaelís Hall.

Topics to be discussed include:

  • What your child should wear and where to get it;
  • The significance of the Sacrament and how it is explained to your child, in case you wish to talk about it with him/her;
  • Appropriate behavior during the service, including when the taking of photographs is permissible;
  • Suggestions for making the time especially meaningful for your child;
  • An opportunity to ask questions.

I hope that you will make every effort to attend this meeting.

2-31 / To Parents about Announcements: Repaving of Parking Lot

During the week of MONTH XX, the parking lot behind St. Michaelís will be repaved. The contractor expects to do the work early in the week, so that by Saturday it will be ready to use.

However, if unforeseen circumstances arise, such as rain, it is possible that the new pavement may not be completely dry. Should this occur, the parking lot will be blocked off.

In that event, please make sure to keep your children away from the blacktop. Iím certain you do not want their clothing stained any more than we want tar on the inside of the church.

Thank you for your cooperation.

2-32 / To Parents about Appointments: To Discuss Problem Child

As you know, your son NAME was caught vandalizing the menís room at St. Michaelís yester day. This is an extremely serious situation which indicates a lack of respect for the parish, my self, and God. I feel it most necessary to discuss the matter with you (without Robert) at your earliest convenience. Therefore, I have tentatively set aside time tomorrow night, MONTH XX, at 7:00 PM, to meet with you. If this is not possible, please contact me to set up another appointment. However, I must stress again that this is an urgent problem that needs to be dealt with as quickly as we can.

Iím sure you share my concern and I look forward to discussing it with you. Thank you for your cooperation.

2-33 / To Parents about Certificates: Misplacement

I was delighted to be able to minister the sacrament of Infant Baptism to your daughter NAME last Sunday. As you know, in the confusion of the day, her baptismal certificate was mislaid, and I was unable to present it to you following the sacrament. I enclose it with this letter; please accept my deepest apologies for any embarrassment or inconvenience it caused you.

I must admit this is the first time in all my years as a pastor that I have made such a mistake. In the future, I vow to be more organized!

May God bless you and NAME in a special way.

2-34 / To Parents about Condolences: Death of Infant

On DAY, MONTH XX, we were deeply saddened by the sudden death of your son, NAME. Especially when a young child is taken away, we sense our human helplessness to answer the age-long question of why this happened. We cry out to God, frustrated in our lack of comprehension. But even though in this life we may never have a full explanation, we do have the assurance that He is with us. He understands our pain, and He brings comfort and hope in the midst of it. In the assurance of Jesus Christís death and resurrection, we are confident that we will meet NAME again.

Dear friends, this may be the greatest tragedy of your lives. Please know that we at Community Church are standing with you. You are in our prayers, and we are ready to listen to you when you feel like talking. Realizing the grief process is a lengthy one, we fully understand that for a while you may not be able to carry out the church responsibilities you have taken on. But remember that there is always a place for you here.

2-35 / To Parents about Congratulations: On Award Received by Child

It is with pleasure that I congratulate you on your son NAMEís qualifying as a National Merit Scholar. This is a great honor, and you have every reason to be immensely proud of him. The parish and I are proud of NAME too Ė he is a fine boy, not only scholastically, but in all areas of his life. His devotion to St. Michaelís has always been evident, whether he is serving as altar boy, attending a youth meeting, or helping with the annual festival. I am certain that he will go on to accomplish much as he attends college and chooses a career.

Only rarely does the parish get blessed with a National Merit Scholar, and we are de lighted that NAME is one of them. May God bless him and you, as your years of raising him pay-off.

2-36 / To Parents about Disciplinary Action: Against Child

When disciplinary action is necessary, it should be confirmed in writing even after it has been agreed upon verbally. In this example, the parents are thanked for their cooperation, and are assured that the matter is considered closed.

Thank you for coming in yesterday to discuss with me NAMEís vandalism of the menís room. As we decided at that time, he will be responsible for giving me the sum of $00.00 a week from his job earnings, until the total amount of the repairs has been paid.

In addition, he will be required to spend twenty hours helping the janitor. This will be done over the next month, beginning on this DAY morning at 9:00 AM He and the janitor will work out the times for the rest of his work.

I believe that NAME has repented and that we will have no further problems with him. I consider the situation closed.

Thank you for your cooperation in this unpleasant matter.

2-37 / To Parents about Elections: Congratulations on Election of Child as Youth Group Officer

As you know, your daughter NAME was elected vice president of the youth group at the last meeting. May I take this opportunity to congratulate both you and her?

Serving as an officer in the youth group is a great responsibility as well as a privilege. That her peers chose her for this position indicates their confidence in her to carry out the duties of the vice president, who is the program chairman. I share that confidence, and I look forward to being able to work closely with NAME and the other officers in the upcoming year.

Thank you for your encouragement and support, both of which NAME will need through out her term of office.

2-38 / To Parents about Encouragement: On Runaway Child

I wish I could somehow say something so profound that it would immediately give you all the comfort and answers you need Ė something that could reassure you that NAME will come back home, that he will turn around his destructive behavior, and that he will stop causing you so much pain.

But I think you realize that I cannot do that. All I can tell you is that I feel a little of the hurt you are in the midst of, and Iím praying for you. God alone must be your strength; He can minister to you in such a way that, although circumstances may not change, you will be able to handle the stress.

Remember too that the parish is not forgetting you. In the three weeks since NAME ran away, a number of people have asked about him and have told me they are especially praying for you and for him. I believe that our Heavenly Father is watching over your son, even though you donít know where he is or what heís doing. We must continue to believe that God will use this difficult situation in a positive way for both him and your family.

Keep in mind that I am always available to talk, should you feel the need, and that Iím more than willing to help in the search for NAME by contacting people, etc. May God bless you and minister to you in a mighty way.

2-39 / To Parents about Evaluations: Of Sunday School Program

From time to time, I feel it is appropriate to evaluate how the church programs are progressing. Discovering weak points, as well as finding out where we are doing well, strengthens the overall work of the church.

With that in mind, I would like to ask for your help in evaluating the Sunday school classes which your children attend. Please fill out the enclosed form and return it to the church by Sunday, MONTH XX. Keep in mind that your childís teacher and I are not looking for compliments but an honest critique of what you think of the class your child attends.

Possibly the most important part of the form is the space for suggestions. I would appreciate it if you would especially take the time to think about what improvements you would like to see. It is not possible to do every thing that every parent suggests, but if for example, you strongly feel more Scripture memorization or less music would help, write it down.

Thank you for your cooperation.

2-40 / To Parents about Information: On Possibly Controversial Youth Program

In dealing with a sensitive subject like the one here, being open about exactly what is going on helps cultivate acceptance of the study. Notice how the letter writer is sympathetic to parents who do not provide sex education to their children, while attempting to get their support for the program.

Perhaps you noticed in the church bulletin last week that the youth group will begin a three week study on ďEthics and SexĒ this Sunday.

Although your child receives information on the physical aspects of sex in school health and biology classes, the ethical and spiritual side of it is neglected. Personally, I feel that these matters should be discussed at home, and I realize that some parents do so. But for others, doing so is a source of difficulty, either because of lack of knowledge or the awkwardness of the topic.

Therefore, we are beginning the program as a help to you, the parent, as well as to your teen. It is to supplement the teaching you give, not relieve you of your responsibility in this area.

Todayís youth hear much about responsible sex, that is, preventing or ending pregnancy and avoiding sexually transmitted disease. But God has a different view about such things than what most teens believe. In our course, weíll see just what the Bible says about sex and why He designed it only to be in the context of marriage. We hope you will make every effort to encourage your son/daughter to attend.

2-41 / To Parents about Instructions

As you know, your child will be receiving First Communion at the 11:00 AM Mass on Sunday, MONTH XX. Please have your son/daughter at the school at 10:30AM, so that he/she may line up and be ready to come into church with the group. The children will be sitting together in the front pews.

Rehearsal for the service will be on Saturday, MONTH XX at 2:00 PM Have your child at the church on time so that we can begin the practice promptly. It should last about a half an hour. As Iím sure you realize itís extremely important that your son/daughter attend the practice in order for him/her to know where to stand, etc. during the Mass.

First Communion is a major step in the life of your child, and I encourage you to acknowledge it as such by taking photographs, inviting your relatives, and if possible, holding a reception afterwards.

May God bless you and your child as he/she begins to participate in the Blessed Sacrament.

2-42 / To Parents about Meetings

Your childís religious education is one of your major concerns. Here at Community Church, we want to supplement what he or she receives at home and assist you in any way we can. There fore, we would like to invite you to attend a meeting with the Sunday school teachers on DAY, MONTH XX, at 7:00 PM

We will be sharing the general goals of Community Churchís Christian Education program. You will also have a chance to meet your childís teacher and hear what specific objectives he or she has set for the year. The meeting will be dismissed promptly at 8:00 PM, at which time refreshments will be served in Fellowship Hall.

It is important that we jointly look at which direction we are going in our Sunday school, and we need you to be apart. Together, we can do everything possible to guide your child in the process of spiritual maturation.

2-43 / To Parents about Newsletters: Recommendation

How often have you wondered how youíre doing as a parent? Did you handle your toddlerís fears right? Should you let your twelve year old daughter date? What should you do about the fourth grade bully who beats up on your son every week?

So many of the questions we deal with every day are difficult to answer, especially within a Christian context. Things that would be acceptable for many people arenít for us believers. Thatís why many parentsí magazines arenít very helpful for us.

Recently I have come across a small monthly newsletter for Christian parents which has been extremely helpful for me personally in raising my children. Called simply ďChristian ParentingĒ it had articles in the last issue on the questions asked at the beginning of this letter. Concerning children ages birth to eighteen, the articles are practical and easy to read, as well as being written from a definitely Christian viewpoint.

Because I think so much of ďChristian Parenting,Ē I have asked the Board to pay one half of the subscription fee for any parent in our church who wishes to receive it. They have agreed to do this, which would mean your cost would be only $5 per year.

If you are interested in this helpful parenting tool, please fill out the enclosed subscription blank and return to the church with your money by Sunday, MONTH XX.

Should you wish to see a copy of it before deciding, I will have some available in the church office. But I am convinced that if you subscribe, you will be delighted as am with this newsletter.

2-44 / To Parents about Problems: Concerning Behavior to Avoid

If you attended the 11:00 AM Mass last Sunday, you are aware that we had a problem with some of the children in the parish. At that time, a small child accidentally knocked over a lighted candle. Fortunately, an adult quickly realized what had happened and righted the candle before any real damage occurred.

While I am thankful that the incident ended promptly, it does make it clear that occasion ally youngsters are not being watched carefully enough during the services. I have no problem with parents standing at the back of the sanctuary and letting their toddler walk around there during the service, as long as the child is relatively quiet and well supervised. But I cannot permit it if the adults donít properly watch the youngster. We must not risk having something more serious than last Sundayís incident. Please do everything within your power to cooperate in keeping our church a safe place for everyone. Thank you.

2-45 / To Parents about Procedures: For Nursery

As the result of some recent problems we have had with babies left in the nursery, we have established a new procedure to use when leaving your child there.

1. You must sign a registration card, filling out all applicable information. If your child is in the nursery regularly, you must still fill out a new card the first week of every month that you are present. Each additional Sunday of the month, you must initial the card so that the nursery helpers know that nothing has changed.

2. Please attach a name tag to your child and his/her diaper bag before leaving the nursery, and pick up a location number to take with you into the sanctuary.

3. When you enter the sanctuary, hand your location number to the usher nearest where you will sit. Then he or she can quickly find you if you are urgently needed by your child.

I realize that these measures do take time, but if they are followed they will eliminate some of the difficulties we have experienced. Our main concern is for the safety and happiness of your baby.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

2-46 / To Parents about Questionnaires: Asking for Help Filling One Out

Parenting has to be one of the toughest jobs in the world. Not only is there no real training for the task, but the rewards often seem far removed, if not totally nonexistent. And everyone has his or her own opinions about whatís right or wrong.

Thatís why Community Church has begun a Sunday school class geared just for the needs of parents with children ages birth to high school. It will meet in room NUMBER, with experienced parents NAME and NAME as teachers.

But in order for this new class to really help you, we need to know exactly what you would like to cover. Should we go through a book on parenting by a popular author such as James Dobson, or would you prefer a totally Bible centered class? Do you want a lecture on some phase of parenting which is troubling you, or would a discussion group be more helpful?

Fill out the enclosed questionnaire in order to make your views known, and return it to the church by Sunday, MONTH XX. We are excited about the possibility of ministering to your unique needs as parents, and we want your input as we plan. Thank you for your cooperation.

2-47 / To Parents about Resignations: Requesting Assistance in Filling Spots after Resignations

Several of our Sunday school teachers have informed me that they are resigning as of the end of the school year. While I hate to see these faithful people leave, they have served well and deserve a rest.

Therefore, Community Church is in need of some new teachers, and I wondered if you might consider volunteering. Openings for teachers are in the classes for four and five year olds, fifth and sixth grade, and junior high. If your child is in one of these classes, you may feel more comfortable teaching another age.

Teaching Sunday school is a big responsibility. It involves time, energy, and effort. But it is also a rewarding experience, as you touch lives for the Lord Jesus.

If you would like to accept this challenge, please contact me at once. You may teach only for the summer, or if you prefer you may take a class for a longer length of time.

Please pray and ask the Lord if He wants to use you as a teacher at this time. If many people help with teaching our faith to our young, no one will have to do it for too long.

2-48 / To Parents about Schedules: New Nursery Schedule

Thank you for offering to serve in the nursery again this quarter. The schedule for fall is as follows:








If you cannot work the week that you are scheduled, please switch with another name on the list. Itís your responsibility to make sure someone is present to supervise the children. You may bring a small snack, such as crackers, for the children if you want, but itís not necessary.

Again, thanks for your help. Without the willingness of the parents to help, we would not be able to operate the nursery. You are appreciated!

49 / To Parents about Special Events: Church Parentsí Workshop

If you had all the time and money in the world, wouldnít you invest a large portion to learn how to be the best parent you could be? After all, your children are a focal point in your lives, and you have a great responsibility to bring them up to be productive, mature workers for Christ.

Well, you donít need that much time or money to take a step toward improving your parenting skills. Plan now to attend Community Churchís Family Workshop Day on DAY, MONTH XX, from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM The cost for the day is $00.00 which includes lunch.

Leading the workshop will be author and teacher NAME. For 20 years he has been traveling across the country presenting practical ideas for parents. Sessions included are the preschooler, elementary years, adolescence, the single parent, and sharing your faith with your children.

More information about the workshop will be shared within the next month, but for now, mark your calendar for MONTH XX. You wonít be disappointed.

2-50 / To Parents about Thanks: For Redecorating Nursery

I would like to extend my personal thanks to you for your recent help with the redecorating of the church nursery. The bright murals on the walls, the repainted furniture, and the repaired and cleaned toys all contribute to making it a cheerful, warm place. And where else would we want our babies and toddlers to be? Even at this early point in their lives, they need to view coming to church and Sunday school as a pleasant thing to do.

You have helped accomplish this goal, and with the aid of the parents and others who take nursery duty, we will succeed in reaching out in love to the little ones of the church. Long after your child is out of the nursery, your work will continue making a difference.

Again, my appreciation for a job well done.

2-51 / To Singles about Advancements: As Officer of Singles Group

Now that the year is ending, Iíd like to express my appreciation to you for a job well done. You have served faithfully in the position of vice president of the Christian Singles, and your hard work has played a vital role in making this a great year for the group.

As you know, the vice president moves up to take the office of president the following year. All the officers are advanced in this way so that each spring only a new secretary need be elected. Since you are aware of this, I trust that you are willing to serve as president for the coming year. If not, please contact me at once so that other arrangements can be made.

Should I not hear from you within the next week, I will assume that you can and will be the president for 200X. Congratulations on your advancement! I am confident that you will be able to do just as well next year in your new position as you did this past year as vice president.

2-52 / To Singles about Agendas: Change in Planned Agenda

Did you realize that several families within our own church are living in poverty? I have learned that they are housed in buildings with quite inadequate heat, and with the recent cold weather, it is imperative to get them relocated into warmer facilities as soon as possible. This could actually be a matter of life or death for them.

The church council has told these two families to be prepared to move within the week. At that time, we would like to have housing for them to rent. At the very least, we will move them into othersí homes temporarily until something more permanent can be found.

I have asked all the groups of the church to make this need a priority, both in prayer and in giving. Therefore, the officers of Christian Singles have decided to change somewhat the agenda for the next meeting.

As much business as possible will be postponed to a future time, in order that we may discuss ways in which Christian Singles can help in this situation. Bring any ideas for fundraisers which could be carried out within the next two weeks and/or ideas about where inexpensive but de cent housing is available.

In order for us to accomplish as much as possible, itís important for you to attend. Please plan on being there!

Thanks, in the name of our Lord, Who desires that we reach out to the needy in His name.

2-53 / To Singles about Announcements: Of Organ Dedication

The wait is over! After all the long months of looking forward to the day when the new organ will be here, we can at last rejoice in knowing that it is ready to be delivered. The company has informed me that the organ will be installed the week of MONTH XX.

To allow plenty of time, we have set MONTH XX as the Sunday in which we will dedicate the organ to the glory of God. We will have a special service, with the organ accompanying the choir. Afterwards, there will be a brief demonstration by the organist for anyone who cares to stay, followed by refreshments in the Fellowship Hall.

Since you are a part of the Positive Christian Singles who donated a sizable gift towards the purchase of the new organ, Iím sure youíll want to be a part of that special day.

2-54 / To Singles about Appointments: To Position

Iím delighted to hear about your recent appointment as Singles Coordinator for the district. It is certainly a great honor to be selected for this position, and Iím confident that you have both the ability and the enthusiasm for the job. You are already greatly appreciated for your faithfulness in serving as one of the leaders of the Singles program here at Community Church; now all the churches in our area will be able to benefit from your work.

Again, congratulations from the entire church as well as from myself personally. May God give you the wisdom and strength that you need to provide outstanding leadership in this new and challenging responsibility.

2-55 / To Singles about Certificates: On Correction

Even with the best of intentions, mistakes happen. In the following letter, the pastor apologizes but goes on to focus on the achievement for which the certificate was presented.

It has come to my attention that the certificate you recently received for completion of the Basic Bible Study series, Part Two, was incorrectly filled out. I apologize for the misspelling of your name; I know from firsthand experience how irritating that can be.

But let me assure you that although your certificate wasnít made out right, it in no way lessens the achievement you have accomplished. Completing the course demands a great deal of time, effort, and commitment, and I am personally proud of you for doing it.

Your new certificate, with your name spelled correctly, is enclosed. Again, please accept my regrets that this happened, as well as my congratulations on your hard work.

2-56 / To Singles About Condolences: Death of Parent

It was a source of great sorrow to me to hear of the death of your mother yesterday. At a time like this, words mean very little, but I did want to let you know that I am praying especially for you during this difficult situation.

Losing a parent is always a big blow, but I know that it is even more painful for you be cause of the close relationship you had with her. Yet, you can take comfort knowing that you gave her loving, devoted care for the last years of her life, even though it meant great sacrifices on your part. By living with her, you gave up a good deal, particularly in the past six months when she was so ill.

Now in the midst of the grief you feel, you can be assured that you did everything possible for her. May God reward you abundantly for that, even as He walks with you through the pain of being separated from her.

If you need to talk, I am available.

2-57 / To Singles about Congratulations: For Receiving Award

Congratulations on your selection as Single of the Year by the District Council!

In informing me of this honor, the District Superintendent expressed how pleased he has been to work with you over the past year. Your insights and hard work have lightened his load, and he felt that no one else was as qualified as you are for the annual award.

I am certain that he will contact you soon to inform you of when and where the award will be presented.

In the meantime, let me say again how happy I am to hear about this honor. May the Lord continue to help you to excel in your position.

2-58 / To Singles about Disciplinary Action: Individualís Immoral Behavior

I dislike having to send you this letter, but it seems as if I have no choice. It concerns your relationship with NAME.

As you know, I agree with the denominationís position on adultery. I have discussed this with you at some length, and while you say you believe that what you are doing is wrong, you have still made no obvious steps to break off the relationship.

Therefore, it appears that another step must be taken. On DAY evening at 7:00 PM I and several of the elders will be calling on you. As before, I will attempt to convince you of the necessity of breaking off your relationship with NAME. If you want, we would be more than willing to help you decide upon some practical things you can do to end it.

I must warn you that this is the final contact the church will be making with you. If you continue to openly practice this sin, we have no choice but to ask you to leave the fellowship of Community Church.

Believe me, this is an extremely difficult position in which I find myself. I have no desire to hurt you or to have you cast out. But we who believe the Bible to be the Word of God can do no less than what the Scriptures teach.

Keep in mind that God loves you very much, as do we. There is always room for you at our church, once this relationship is dissolved. The Lord and we are eager to do anything we can to help you.

I am not saying that we have already achieved perfection; Iím certain you could find many things that donít measure up in myself as well as anyone else in the church. Yet we are aware of our shortcomings and are working to change them by the power of God.

I personally am praying that you will be able to see the disastrous situation you are in, and will have the strength to pull away from it. I look forward to out time together DAY night. If you want to talk before then, please call.

2-59 / To Singles about Elections: Upcoming

You are needed at the next gathering of the Christian Singles! Yes, you! Plan now to be at the DAY, MONTH XX meeting in the church lounge. We will be electing officers for the coming year.

Please prayerfully consider if you might serve in some capacity. All too often, the same people continue leading a group year after year, which sometimes results in stagnation. The officers for this past year have done an excellent job in guiding Christian Singles, but they deserve to have a chance to sit back and let others take over. Perhaps you are among those whom God would like to use this year.

Even if you feel you are not to be involved in the groupís leadership, we still want you to make every effort to attend the meeting. Come and cast your vote! Without it, your wishes wonít be known.

Oh, yes, following elections and a brief business meeting, Christian Singles will be having a pizza party. Donít miss it!

2-60 / To Singles about Encouragement: Upon Deciding to Further Oneís Education

I understand that you have recently decided to return to school to pursue your masterís degree in Middle Eastern history, with the eventual goal of teaching on the college level. While you are taking on a project which will entail a great amount of work over the next year, I applaud your choice. With Godís help, your talents and determination will get you to your destination, I am sure, in spite of any obstacles which may arise in your path.

As you begin this new direction in your life, I wish you the blessings of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. May He continue to use you as He sees fit.

2-61 / To Singles about Evaluations: Request for Evaluation of Assistant Pastor

For the past year, NAME has served as assistant pastor in charge of the singlesí ministry. He has done an outstanding job in expanding the program and also in ministering to the individual needs of people.

However, everyone has weaknesses that may be unknown to him/her. Only when a person becomes aware of them can he or she work to do something about them.

Therefore, I am enclosing an evaluation form which I would like you to fill out concerning Jeffís work. This is not meant to be a vicious attack on him, nor is it to pick at small details of his life style or personality. Yet, I feel it is of value to have you who work with him the closest do these forms, so that he may find out what, if any, overall weaknesses are affecting his job performance. I am also looking for his strengths, in order that he may realize what heís doing right.

Please seal your completed form in an envelope addressed to my attention, and return it to the church by MONTH XX. You need not sign your name to it unless you want to do so. The forms will be totally confidential; only I will read them.

Thank you for your time.

2-62 / To Singles about Information: Concerning Group

When visitors and new members show an interest in specific groups in the church, having an informative letter on file to give them is perhaps the best way to get the facts out. This example includes the purpose of the group, who may join, meeting times and places, and where to get more details.

Thank you for your request for information about Christian Singles. An outreach of Community Church, it was begun in 1979 to minister to the special needs of the singles in the church and community. All unmarried people over the age of twenty-two, including divorced and widowed, are welcome.

The group meets about twice a month with a twofold purpose. One is to simply have fellowship with others, which is why we schedule activities such as attending concerts, touring museums, and having ski trips.

More importantly, we strive to learn more about God and His purposes in our lives. We believe it is only through a personal relationship with His Son Jesus Christ that we will find fulfillment in a life style that many of us would not have chosen. To this end, we have teachings by myself and others, who may or may not be a part of the group. We have discussion and sharing groups, and we include praying for each otherís needs as a portion of each meeting.

Currently, Christian Singles meets in the church lounge on the first and third DAYs of the month. The meetings usually run from 7:00 until 9:30 PM, and include refreshments.

If you have any questions about the group, please feel free to contact NAME, the cur rent president, at 000-0000, or myself. We can provide you with a current schedule of Christian Singles activities for the next few months.

May I extend a personal invitation to you to attend our next meeting?

2-63 / To Singles about Instructions

As you know, the Christian Singles group is holding a Pancake Supper on DAY, MONTH. XX, from 5:00 to 7:00 PM This project is to raise money which will go to the needy child in Chile whom we sponsor.

We are asking each member of the group to sign up to bring a food item as well as to volunteer to work at the supper. If you have not seen the list of food needed, call NAME as soon as possible. At this point, we have a number of people coming at 4:00 to set up and serve, but we have only a few who plan to come at 6:00 and clean up. Can you help? Contact NAME.

While we have sent out publicity about the supper, we can always use more. How about putting up a notice at your place of employment? You could invite your friends to meet you there.

With all of us working together, the Pancake Supper canít help but be a great success!

2-64 / To Singles about Meetings: Change of Location

This is to let you know that the Christian Singles meeting for MONTH XX has been moved to the home of NAME, ADDRESS. The church lounge where we usually meet is unavailable on that evening.

If you need directions to NAMEís apartment, call her at 000-0000 (home) or 000-0000 (work). Or you may contact the church office.

The meeting will still start at 7:00 PM, and the program will remain the same. The MONTH meetings will again be at the church.

2-65 / To Singles about Newsletters: Correction

As you might have noticed, last weekís church newsletter stated that the Christian Singles would not be meeting this week.

This is not correct. As scheduled, the Christian Singles will have a regular meeting on this DAY, MONTH XX. The program will be on self image.

However, the meeting planned for the following week, MONTH XX, has been cancelled, due to the unavailability of the speaker who was to address us about the Suicide Hot Line. It is to be rescheduled for some time in the future.

The MONTH XX regular meeting will be held as usual.

Please mark your calendar with the change. Iím sorry for any inconvenience this error may have caused you; I promise to be more careful in the future!

2-66 / To Singles about Problems: Neglect of Duty

Recently I have noticed that problems have developed in several areas that might involve you. A number of singles have generously volunteered to serve as ushers, nursery workers, and Sunday school teachers. The help is greatly appreciated, and Iím delighted that so many are willing to serve the church in these ways.

However, it seems that lately some of the workers have not shown up when they were scheduled to assist. I can understand that when youíre single, you have more flexibility than most of the rest of us. I believe you should take advantage of that by going off when you please as much as possible. In later years, you probably will not be able to do so.

However, you must realize that when you just do not come, your absence creates problems. Someone must be found at the last moment to fill in for you. For Sunday school teachers, this means no time to prepare a lesson. This is hardly fair to the person asked to take your place. Nor is it good for the children and/or people you are helping. Service which has not been pre pared for tends not to be the best.

I am not asking you to stop going away when you want to do so, but I am saying you must make sure you have a replacement.

Please, if you cannot serve where you are supposed to at any particular time, contact the appropriate person in charge at least two days in advance, a week if possible. To do anything less is to treat the church with great disrespect.

I am certain that much of this problem has been the result of simple ignorance. Now that it is clear what is expected, Iím sure weíll have no further difficulties.

2-67 / To Singles about Procedures: To Apply for Position

Thank you for volunteering to serve as a counselor at the District Singles Conference in MONTH. The procedure is:

1. Meet these qualifications: a personal relationship with Christ, active member of the church, age twenty-five and over, secure and comfortable in your status as a single.

2. Fill out the enclosed application and return it to me for my recommendation.

3. Submit the completed application to the district office.

4. If you are accepted, you will be notified no later than MONTH XX. A training session will be held sometime that month.

I appreciate your interest in the program and I hope that you will be able to participate. Please contact me if you have any questions.

2-68 / To Singles about Questionnaires

In order to more fully meet your needs as a part of Christian Singles, we have come up with the enclosed questionnaire. There is no need to sign your name, but we would appreciate it if you would answer the questions about who you are, what your greatest struggles are, and what your major interests are. By compiling the responses, we hope to find out exactly what the average Christian Singles member is all about.

Please return the questionnaires to the church by MONTH XX. Thank you for your cooperation.

2-69 / To Singles about Resignations: Of Singles Pastor

As many of you know, I have been dating NAME for some time. Recently, we have felt the Lord speaking to us about getting married, and we have set the date of MONTH XX for our wedding.

Since Maria lives and works in Tampa, we have prayed about which one of us should relocate. At this point, we have decided that I will be the one to change jobs. Therefore, as of MONTH XX, I will no longer be Singles Pastor at Community Church. I have begun the process of looking for a position in the Tampa area.

While I am excited about my new life, I truly regret having to leave all the great people at Community Church. In the years that I have overseen the Singles program, I have gained much in terms of experience, understanding, and genuine friendships. I will miss each one of you.

Please be assured that although I am marrying, I will not lose my concern for the needs of singles. In fact, I hope to find another church who needs an assistant pastor to work with the singles ministry. Having waited this long to get married myself, Iíll always remember the difficult years before God brought that special someone into my life.

I am certain that Community Church will continue to have a vibrant outreach to the singles in the church and community. May God bless you.

2-70 / To Singles about Schedules: Change

Due to problems beyond our control, there has been a change in the plans for the Singles Retreat next weekend. Instead of leaving at 4:30 P.M, as announced in the original schedule, the bus will now leave at 5:30 PM Please be sure to be in the church parking lot at that time. Because of the later departure time, we will need to leave at precisely 5:30; if you arenít there, you will have to drive yourself to the retreat.

The rest of the revised schedule is:

5:30 PM Ė depart

7:00 PM Ė arrive at hotel

7:30 PM Ė dinner

(The rest of the schedule remains the same.)

I hope the change wonít inconvenience you, but it is necessary. It wonít affect the exciting and spiritually enriching weekend weíll have. See you then.

2-71 / To Singles about Special Events

Special opportunities come along only occasionally, and when they do, itís time to take advantage of them! Thatís why Iím sure youíll want to attend the all diocese singles conference planned for DAY, MONTH XX.

To be held at St. Matthewís Church in Lima, it will be led by Father Peter Grant of St. Bartholomewís parish. The central theme will be ďThe Special Needs of the Single Ė the Church Reaches Out.Ē

Further details as far as cost, reservation deadline, and seminar topics will be available in several weeks. In the meantime, mark your calendar for MONTH XX. Youíll be glad you did!

2-72 / To Singles about Thanks: For Helping Others

It has recently come to my attention that you have opened your home to a woman who had no place to sleep. Knowing you, Iím certain that you had no intention of doing it to gain public recognition. Nevertheless, I felt I wanted to express my personal thanks to you.

It requires sacrifice and selflessness to permit someone else to stay in oneís house. It means the disruption of many aspects of your fife, especially when the incoming person is not well known by you. But God Himself will reward you for your kindness; you are clearly demonstrating your faith.

Iím proud to have you as part of the parish. May our Heavenly Father continue to bless and use you.

2-73 / To Special Groups about Advancements

I was delighted to hear of your advancement to Eagle Scout. This is a great honor, and it required much in the way of time and effort. But now your hard work has paid off, you have finally reached your goal.

We have always supported the Boy Scout troops sponsored by St. Michaelís, and encouraged boys in the parish to become active in it. Nevertheless, it isnít often that someone achieves the highest rank that the scouts offer. You are an inspiration to the younger boys, and we are proud to have you as a part of Troop 405.

Again, congratulations on your advancement!

2-74 / To Special Groups about Announcements: Of Similar Program

From your participation in the ďFit for the KingĒ program, itís obvious that you place a high priority on keeping your body in shape. Because of this, you might be interested in at tending a special seminar about health and nutrition to be held at Community Church on MONTH XX.

Nancy Jamison, a registered dietician and a member here, will be speaking to the women of the church and community on the topic of ďEating Right Ė What is it and Does it Make a Difference?Ē She will be covering topics such as salt and cholesterol consumption, fiber in the diet, the basic food groups, and health foods.

There is no charge for the evening, which will begin at 7:00 PM in Fellowship Hall. It will conclude with samples of healthy snacks prepared by NAME.

Plan on coming and learning more about another area of your total health!

2-75 / To Special Groups about Certificates: Discovery of Missing Ones

After the last meeting of the Boy Scouts, the janitor found a number of certificates that had fallen behind one of the tables. Since they had been made out to boys just joining the troop with the rank of Tenderfoot, we knew they belonged to you. They are enclosed with this letter in order that you might present them to the scouts who were meant to receive them.

We are glad to have the scouts as a part of Community Church!

2-76 / To Special Groups about Evaluations: Results

Recently, we surveyed the congregation here to get feedback on the programs and activities currently offered. We thought you might be interested in the results of the questions concerning your group.

Over 58 percent of respondents were aware that Weight Watchers met in the church, and 34 percent knew your meetings were on Tuesday evenings. Eighty-seven percent felt Weight Watchers was a worthwhile group to use church facilities, and 8 percent had attended one or more meetings. Another 15 percent thought they would like to come or should come.

However, only 12 percent had any idea of what went on during your meetings. Perhaps at some point, some of your members would be interested in presenting a program to the Womenís Group about Weight Watchers.

Since Community Church believes in the fitness of the total person, body, soul, and spirit, we would like to see more people in the congregation who need help with a weight problem attend your meetings. Maybe by working together with you, we can achieve that goal.

Keep up your good work! May God bless you.

2-77 / To Special Groups about Newsletters: Opportunity to be on the Mailing List

Welcome, Ladies at the ďFit for the KingĒ Program!

We are delighted to have you come to the exercise program today, and we hope you will become a regular part of it.

Although ďFit for the KingĒ meets in Community Church, it is open to any woman in the community, regardless of whether or not she attends this or any other church.

However, information about the program is printed each month in the church newsletter. In addition to notifications about cancellations of sessions or changes in times, general news about fitness and health are listed in the ďFit for the KingĒ column.

Because of this, you may be interested in receiving the newsletter on a regular basis. If so, just fill out your name and address on the bottom of this letter and return it to the church. You will be added to the church mailing list.

Keep in mind that this wonít obligate you to do anything; the pastor wonít call on you and you wonít be pressured to attend worship. It is merely to keep you informed about the program.

Thank you, and enjoy your workout!

2-78 / To Special Groups about Problems: Misuse of Building

It has been great having the ďFit for the KingĒ exercise group meeting in the church gym. I firmly believe that God wants us to take care of our bodies, and regular exercise is an important part of that responsibility, one that far too many Christians ignore.

However, certain problems have recently occurred of which you should be aware. The day after the meeting, the janitor has found lights left on, the side door to the church unlocked, and an abundance of trash and items such as towels left in the gym.

Obviously, these practices are not in the best interests of the church. Iím certain that they were unintentional mistakes, and it is understandable that such things might happen occasion ally. But they are beginning to occur every week.

This cannot continue. I must ask each of you to do everything within your power to make sure they donít. Perhaps one person could be appointed to be responsible for checking the lights, the door, etc. Whatever you want to work out is fine, but please do something to eliminate the problems.

Thank you for your cooperation. Iím confident that since you are now aware of the situation, the problems will no longer continue.

2-79 / To Special Groups about Procedures: For Building Use

As you know, we have had no set procedure for closing up the church after special groups meet here in the evenings. We have always been pleased to let organizations such as Boy Scouts, Parents4Parents, and Weight Watchers use the facilities at no charge.

While we are still happy to have the building in use when our regular services are not taking place, we have recently found it necessary to implement a sign-out policy. It is as follows:

Groups are asked to exit through the west door only. By the door will be posted a sign out sheet. A person responsible for the group is to be the last one out the door. He/she is to sign the name of the group, the date and time, and his/her name on the sheet. In so doing, he/she is indicating that:

1. Lights are turned off,

2. Heat is turned down (if necessary),

3. The room(s) used has been put back in the shape they were in when the group arrived (trash thrown out, chairs in place, etc.),

4. Everyone is out of the church, and

5. The door is locked.

In putting into practice this procedure, we hope to make your use of the building to be as problem free as possible. Thank you for your cooperation.

2-80 / To Special Groups about Questionnaires: Urging the Return of Completed Ones

It has been approximately one month since the questionnaires about the ďFit for the KingĒ program were distributed, and so far I have only received three completed forms back. I realize that your life is busy and that itís easy to forget one more thing to do. But please make an effort to find your questionnaire, fill it out, and get it back to the church. Only by getting your opinion on things such as possible future programs and specific exercises you like or dislike can we work out problems and make the sessions ones from which you can benefit the most.

Thank you for your help. It is necessary! (If you need another copy of the questionnaire, stop by the church office.)

2-81 / To Special Groups about Schedules: Change

During the approaching Lenten season, the ďFit for the KingĒ program will be operating under a slightly changed schedule. Thursday morning sessions will continue at 10:00 AM for Lent, except for during Holy Week (MONTH XX- XX). In order for the church to be prepared for Easter, no session will be held that week.

Wednesday evening sessions will be meeting on Tuesdays, so that women may attend the Lenten services DAY at 7:00 PM, if they so desire.

The location for both sessions remains the same, and all sessions will go back to their regular schedules the week after Easter, MONTH XX- XX. Thank you for your cooperation.

2-82 / To Special Groups about Special Events: Cancellation

We regret to inform you that the All Day Health Seminar scheduled for DAY, MONTH XX, has been cancelled. Even with a number of churches going together to put it on, there was not enough interest shown in attending to warrant renting the Civic Center as planned. Perhaps in the future we will try again to do a seminar on a smaller scale.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused, and we commend you for your ďFit for the KingĒ program and your concern for your physical health.

2-83 / To Special Groups about Thanks: For Donation

To each person in the ďFit for the KingĒ program:

I would like to extend a big thank you to you for your generous contribution to the new organ fund here at Community Church. You certainly did not have to make any sort of gift to us for the use of our building for your exercise sessions; it is free to worthy groups such as yourselves. But your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated. As you may know, we are in dire need of a new organ and have almost two thirds of the money needed for it. Your donation will make a difference in enabling us to reach our goal sooner.

We are pleased that you meet in Community Church, and we encourage you to let your programs develop as the Lord leads. If we may be of any service to you, please contact my office.

Again, my heartfelt thanks on behalf of the entire congregation.

2-84 / To Volunteers about Advances: To Higher Position

On behalf of the entire congregation, I would like to personally thank you for your faithful service as an usher over the past few years. People have told me several times how much your warm welcome means to them, and I am always encouraged by your smile as well as your devotion to your position.

You are already aware that NAME is relocating to CITY, STATE and will no longer be able to serve as head usher. I would like to ask you if you would consider advancing to take his place. I know of no other man whom I would rather have do it.

Pray about it and contact me with your decision. I am hoping you will be able to accept. In any event, be assured that you are appreciated.

2-85 / To Volunteers about Agendas: Change

As you may have heard, part of the rectory roof was blown off during the recent wind storm. Due to the urgent nature of this problem, the agenda of the parish council meeting for tomorrow night will be altered.

Instead of beginning planning for the St. Michaelís Festival, we will discuss options for the rectory roof, along with whatever else must be taken care of this month. Next month we will start working on the festival.

Since a decision about the roof must be made at this meeting, please make every effort to attend. Thank you.

2-86 / To Volunteers about Announcements: On New Procedures

When itís important how something is done, it helps to have the specifics spelled out. In the following letter, each step in cleaning the church is clearly listed in a format which could be checked off as itís completed.

Community Church is in the process of updating the cleaning list. The following has been developed to help volunteers know what needs to be done to keep the building neat. (A copy will be posted on the cleaning closet door.)


  • Straighten hymnals and Bibles, turning them right side up and placing two hymnals and a Bible in each rack. Throw away old bulletins and trash.
  • Vacuum all carpets and dust tile floors.
  • Dust organ, piano, pulpit, pews, pictures, altar table, and window sills.


  • Dust floors, shelves, door trim, and furniture.
  • Mop floors with clear water.
  • Vacuum mats and place lost items in box in rear of sanctuary.


  • Clean toilets, sinks, countertops, and mirrors.
  • Empty trash and mop floors if needed.
  • Check toilet paper and paper towel supply.


  • Vacuum and dust.
  • Empty trash.


  • Sweep and mop floor.
  • Straighten up as needed.


  • Vacuum carpet and straighten up chairs and tables.
  • Wipe off tables and chalkboards.
  • Dust window trim, cupboards, piano, and furniture.
  • Wipe out drinking fountain.

Thank you for your cooperation. The condition of our building reveals much about how we really feel toward our Lord.

2-87 / To Volunteers about Appointments: To New Position

Greetings in the Name of our Lord! Iím pleased to inform you that you have been appointed to fill the unexpired term of the late NAME on the Board of Trustees.

Your faithful service to the church over the past five years that you have been a member gives me every confidence that you will continue to do well as a trustee, and I am looking for ward to working with you in that capacity.

When I talked with you last month about the possibility of this appointment, you indicated that you would accept it. However, if anything has changed since then which would make your service in this area impossible, please contact me at once.

Your term will expire in MONTH of 200X. At that time, you will be free to seek reappointment if you desire.

Thank you for your dedication to Community Church. See you at the next Trustees meeting, DAY, MONTH XX, at 7:00 PM

2-88 / To Volunteers about Certificates: Delay in Receiving

Thank you again for your hard work in teaching Vacation Bible School last week. The program reached over 150 children, with at least 32 of them making first time commitments of their lives to Christ. In addition, about 37 others rededicated themselves to the Lord.

As you know, we had ordered certificates for the children for being a part of the200X VBS. The certificates arrived yesterday, but upon examining them, we noticed that the company had sent us only half the number we requested. We have contacted the supplier, who has agreed to rush more to us as soon as possible. However, we anticipate about a two week wait until they arrive.

Therefore, you wonít be able to get the certificates to your students as quickly as we had hoped. If you see any of your students, you may want to reassure them that the certificates are on the way.

As soon as they do come in, we will get some to you, which you may fill out and distribute to the members of your class. In the meantime, thank you for your patience.

2-89 / To Volunteers about Condolences: Upon Injuries Received in Car Accident

I was greatly disturbed to hear about your recent car accident and subsequent hospitalization. Going through such a trauma is never easy; even though your physical injuries may not seem to be long term, the emotional scars often are. If at any time you want a listening ear, please donít hesitate to contact me.

Let me also assure you that if you do not feel up to teaching membership classes next week, I will understand. Let me know if you would prefer to wait until a later date to start, and I will find a substitute for as long as you think it necessary. Recovering from a serious accident such as yours may take awhile, and I donít want you to feel pushed into something new until you are physically and emotionally ready.

In the meantime, I am praying for your rapid and complete recovery. May God bless you.

2-90 / To Volunteers about Congratulations: For Prizewinning Float

On behalf of the entire parish, I would like to congratulate you for your efforts on the St. Michaelís float for the community Christmas parade. Winning second prize was no small achievement; your hard work certainly paid off.

I realize that constructing a float may not seem like a very spiritual activity, but everything that is done for His glory is of value. And I feel that participating in the parade showed that we as a parish are interested in our community. As always, the church stands ready to help those who need it. Again, thanks for all you did and congratulations on coming in first runner up in the float division.

2-91 / To Volunteers about Disciplinary Action: Concerning Personal Behavior

As you know, you have been asked a number of times now to restrain from talking to others in the choir during Mass. However, you continue to ignore both the choir directorís and my instructions on this matter. Your continual whispering in the choir loft has proved to be distracting and annoying, and at this point I have no choice but to inform you that you will not be permitted to sing with the choir during the month of MONTH.

Believe me, I do not like taking this step, but you leave me no other options. I hope that you will use this time off from the choir to examine yourself to find out why you must continually draw attention to yourself, even during church. Then I suggest that you seek the Heavenly Fatherís help in changing.

You do make a valuable contribution to the choir, and it is the desire of both myself and the choir director that you return to your place there. But that will not be possible until you are able to change this intolerable behavior pattern you have demonstrated.

May God minister to you in this area. If you feel I can be of assistance to you in any way, please contact me.

2-92 / To Volunteers about Elections: Willingness to Run

Thank you for your willingness to run for the office of president of the Couples Club for the coming year. Along with others who expressed an interest, your name will be placed on the ballot and voted on at the MONTH XX meeting. If you desire to, you may make a brief (three minute) speech about what you would do if you were elected, but this is not a requirement in order to run. However, you do need to be present at the meeting if you want to be considered for the position.

Again, thank you for your willingness to serve in this capacity. We are greatly in need of dedicated persons like yourself to make the Couples Club the ministry all it can and should be. Be assured that even if you should not be selected as an officer, you will still be an important and necessary part of the group.

2-93 / To Volunteers about Encouragement: Upon Low Turnout

One look at your face yesterday told me how you were feeling about your Vacation Bible School class. I admit, having only two students show up for you to teach is disappointing, to say the least. But I would like to assure you that even so, you are doing a job that desperately needs to be done. What you say to those two children may affect them for the rest of their lives. And because of your small class size, you will have a greater opportunity than if there were a great number of boys and girls. You will be able to communicate on a very personal level with your students, in which you can really determine where they are in their walks with God. Knowing their individual weaknesses, you can minister directly in those areas.

Let me urge you to join with me in asking the Lord to send more students into your class. But if they donít come, thank Him for His perfect plan and use the time you have with your class to the fullest. May God bless you.

2-94 / To Volunteers about Evaluations: Request to do One

Thank you for your willingness to chair the annual Lawn Fete held last week. I know you spent a great many hours coordinating everything, and your hard work certainly paid off. We had an excellent turnout, plenty of food but not too much left over, and even perfect weather! When the bills are paid, Iím certain weíll see a good sized profit to benefit the Sunday school department.

As well as everything went, you must be aware of some areas which did not run as smoothly as they could have for whatever reason. As a help to the person who volunteers to chair next yearís Lawn Fete, Iím asking you to take a few minutes now while you remember and fill out the enclosed evaluation sheet. By listing what worked and what didnít, we can hopefully take care of any difficulties before they happen again.

Again, my personal gratitude for all you did.

2-95 / To Volunteers about Information

Thank you for your willingness to help again with the annual St. Michaelís festival. This year it will be held on DAY and DAY, MONTH XX and XX. As usual, we will raffle off a new car, have a German band and polka dancing, and run an assortment of booths for food and games.

NAME and NAME have offered to chair the festival this year, and Iím sure they will be contacting you soon about what you would like to do. With everyone cooperating, I know we will once again have a successful festival. Let me thank you in advance for all you can do in helping to achieve that goal.

2-96 / To Volunteers about Instructions

To Those Who Have Volunteered to Clean the Church:

Thank you so much for your willingness to donate your time on DAY, MONTH XX, as we give Community Church its annual cleaning. We plan to begin work at 9:30 AM, with the first shift ending at noon. The second shift will start at 1:00 PM and clean until 3:30 PM (or until everything is done!).

Please sign the sheet on the church office door, indicating when you can work. If you can bring dust rags, ladders, vacuum sweepers, or glass cleaner, it would help. Make sure you come with an ample supply of elbow grease!

Being on the cleaning crew may not seem like a very important service to the Lord, but itís pleasing to Him when we do even the smallest thing in His Name.

Again, our appreciation for your assistance.

2-97 / To Volunteers about Meetings

Thank you for your offer to teach membership classes at St. Michaelís. We are always in need of qualified adults who are willing to devote their time to this important work.

In order to be properly prepared to teach the children, volunteers need to attend a meeting on DAY, MONTH XX, at 7:00 PM in St. Michaelís Hall. It will last approximately two hours. If you are unable to come, please let me know as soon as possible. We look forward to having you as a membership teacher this fall!

2-98 / To Volunteers about Newsletters: Deadlines

Thank you for offering to be in charge of packing the Thanksgiving food baskets for the needy. I am always touched by the tearful appreciation expressed by the recipients of the baskets; they have so little and yet they are genuinely grateful for the gifts they receive.

Let me remind you that the deadline for news to be printed in the church newsletter is DAY, MONTH XX. If you want people to sign up to pack and/or deliver the baskets or to remember to bring canned goods to donate, make certain the information is to the church secretary by that time. Iím confident that you have things well in hand for the project; thank you again for your help.

2-99 / To Volunteers about Problems: With Neglect of Duty

How do you deal with the situation of a volunteer not doing a good enough job? In an insignificant matter, it could and probably should be ignored. But in this example, the consequences Ė young children being unsupervised Ė are too serious to be allowed to continue. Notice how the letter writer surrounds the problem with praise for the volunteerís efforts.

Thank you for your willingness to work in the church nursery. It is a much needed minis try, and it means a great deal to me that you are available to serve in that area.

However, last week when you were in charge, several young children were found wandering in the hall during the service. Naturally, the parents were concerned, not only for the safety of their youngsters, but also for the unintentional damage to the building which they might do.

Iím certain you understand the problem, and that the next time you are in the nursery you will take steps to make sure it does not happen again. Of course we understand that toddlers can move very quickly at times, and that it is sometimes impossible to keep up with them, despite our best efforts. But please do try to keep the children in the nursery in the future.

Again, I appreciate your dedication to the children and your faithfulness in the nursery.

2-100 / To Volunteers about Procedures: For Doing Solos

As you know, the adult choir will not be performing again until MONTH. However, we are in need of volunteers to do solos and/or small group numbers during morning worship for the summer months.

If you are interested, the procedure is as follows:

1. Sign up on the list on the choir room door by MONTH XX. Include your name, phone number, what part you sing, and what dates or months you would be available.

2. Within two weeks, the choir director will contact you to set up an appointment to try out. Be prepared to sing one verse of a hymn of your choice.

3. Following your tryout, you will be notified as to whether you will be doing a solo, duet, or larger group number. You will also be given a date(s) when you will be scheduled to minister.

4. Practice times will be set up two weeks preceding the day you sing.

Thank you for your cooperation. We look forward to having you share in the summer music ministry.

2-101 / To Volunteers about Questionnaires

As the choir disbands for the summer, I wanted to personally thank you for your dedication to it. It requires a great deal of time and effort to faithfully attend practices and to be at each service to minister in song; rest assured that you are appreciated. I am convinced that the choir adds a great deal to the worship, and that the Lord is pleased by your hard work.

Even at this point, we are making plans for the fall, and we would like your input. Please complete the enclosed questionnaire about your views on what music the choir should sing next. Were the pieces you did this spring too easy or too difficult? Would you prefer some more contemporary Christian music, or are the classical pieces more to your liking?

Return the questionnaire to the church by MONTH XX, along with any comments you have about choir. Remember, we value your opinion and look forward to your participation in the fall.

2-102 / To Volunteers about Resignations

As you may know, NAME has resigned from the Parish Council as of MONTH XX. He is relocating to CITY, STATE, and we will greatly miss him and his familyís active participation at St. Michaelís.

Naturally, we will need someone to take over NAMEís unexpired term on the council. As a member of the council, you may have suggestions of who might be interested. Please come to the MONTH meeting prepared to nominate someone. We will be voting on Georgeís replacement in MONTH.

Thank you for your assistance.

2-103 / To Volunteers about Schedules

Iím delighted that you will be able to participate in the day of ministry, MONTH XX, with our sister church in the inner city, Westfield Church. The schedule for the day is as follows:

8:00 AM Ė Meet in Community Church parking lot to board bus for Westport.

8:45 AM Ė Arrive. Men meet outside for instructions about paving the parking lot; women meet inside to clean interior of church.

10:30 AM Ė Coffee break and time of fellowship. Get acquainted with someone.

11:00 AM Ė Resume work.

12:30 PM Ė Break for lunch.

1:30 PM Ė Inner city children arrive for weekly tutoring session. Meet in Fellowship Hall to be assigned to a child.

3:30 PM Ė Break for recreation and refreshments with children.

5:00 PM Ė Children depart; load bus for return to Community Church.

5:45 PM Ė Arrive at church. Those who wish may go together to restaurant for dinner.

As you can see, we have a full day planned for us. We are expecting it to be a great one. Not only will we have a chance to fellowship with the people from Westport, but we can show our faith in a practical, positive way to the children and the congregation there.

If you have any questions, feel free to call me. Otherwise, Iíll see you MONTH XX.

2-104 / To Volunteers about Special Events

Because of your interest and participation in the choir, you are invited to attend a special ďMusic in the MassĒ seminar sponsored by the diocese. To be held on DAY, MONTH XX, at St. Matthewís Church in Lima, the seminar will explore how music can enhance worship. Leaders of the seminar will be Father NAME of St. Thomasí Church and NAME from St. Peterís Church.

As soon as it is available, I will send you the list of workshops for the day, which will conclude with the celebration of the Mass. In the meantime, I hope that you will plan to attend.

2-105 / To Volunteers about Thanks: For Helping with Clean Up Day

On behalf of the entire church, I would like to thank you for participating in last Saturdayís church clean up/fix up day. The good turnout, the enthusiasm of the helpers, and the number of hours spent working all added up to a great time of accomplishment and fellowship. As good as the church looks now, we are more than ready for the Easter season.

While washing woodwork or painting bathroom walls may not seem especially spiritual, keep in mind that God expects us to be good stewards of the building. By taking care of it properly, we are fulfilling that trust. We are also revealing our respect and love for the church. Again, my appreciation for a job well done. May God bless you!

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